Solution Overview

The Escalation Management application allows service organizations to track various business critical transactions throughout their life cycle. Escalation Management solution is a customized application built upon Oracle Workflow and Oracle Business Events Technology.

Challenges and Solutions

Escalation Management is the right solution if you face challenges around tracking critical business transactions’ progress. Typical problems could be missing SLAs, customer escalations, and no proactive monitoring systems.


This customized solution allows business users to define SLAs for internal business processes and with external vendors. This application also proactively monitors business transactions to avoid unnecessary escalation. In case of any escalation event, the application notifies the appropriate business user with the escalation details. This application offers a dashboard to track open orders and escalation and to close the escalations manually. It has an inbuilt UI to set up escalation events, business rules, and SLAs.

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Solution Block Diagram


How does it work?

  • Individual business transaction invokes an Escalation Management system to track appropriate business activity or an Escalation Event.
  • Escalation Engine will receive and process Escalation Request by determining the appropriate Escalation Rule. Escalation Rule captures information about an entity that needs to be tracked by the system, time duration, and action required to be performed in case of escalation.
  • Escalation Engine will calculate the SLA time for that Escalation Event and will start monitoring it. In case SLA time is elapsed, Escalation Engine will mark that event as “Escalated” and will execute defined Escalation Actions.

Key Functionality and Features


Escalation Management Dashboard provides high-level snapshots and detailed information on all the open RMAs. A dashboard will help in tracking –

  • B2B Communicate with your vendor (Ship Request Transmission, Acknowledgement, Ship Confirmation, etc.)
  • SLA adherence against ETAs received by various vendors
  • Manually close/override escalations

Configurable solution for business process tracking

The flexible setup allows users to define processes that need to be tracked (Escalation Objects) and various activities involved in these processes (Escalation Events). You can define an Escalation Rule for every Escalation Event, which captures the time duration to complete every activity and Escalation Action that you want to take if a certain activity is not completed within a predefined timeframe.

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