SAP is one of the powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. SAP cloud platform offers a rich set of methodologies, more advanced software tools to get your ERP solution on track quickly to help to achieve your business goals.

Any enterprise system remains at the center-stage of an organization and hence it requires exchanging data with all systems in the organization IT ecosystem – may it be CRM, supply chain, asset management, etc. Therefore, connecting all these systems with Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP) is a crucial part of the integration.

Any ERP system has its own complication or intricacies to meet organizational needs that cause integration with any third-party system a complex subject. The common challenges faced across the industry during SAP integration with other systems are:


  • Technical limitations faced while integrating SAP cloud platform with third-party systems.
  • Incompatibility with configuration results in more complications and expenses.
  • Poor knowledge of existing methodologies highly impacts on project deliverables.
  • A remarkable communication approach along with the implementation practice must be developed to carry out SAP Integration with Boomi Atomsphere.

How Boomi solve the SAP Integration Challenges

In response to the challenges outlined above, it is essential to choose the right technology and the right integration tool to enable your organization and business to achieve growth. Boomi’s Atmosphere platform helps you meet your most critical business objectives in the shortest timeframe while simultaneously laying the foundation for future growth.

Boomi Approach:

Boomi Atmosphere Integration tool addresses the right strategic approach across the following domains:

  1. Technology:

    Boomi Atmosphere platform integrates SAP cloud platform system to any other system or data through its certified connectors (SAP, SuccessFactors, ODATA, HTTP) and integration templates between SAP and common endpoints such as Salesforce. Boomi offers the following SAP Integration Methods:

    • BAPI/Remote-enabled Function Module 
    • IDoc 
    • OData Client Connector/HTTP Client Connector

    Please refer below text on various integration methods offered in Boomi

    • Implementation of BAPI functions on top of the RFC protocol, supporting the following styles:
      • Synchronous RFC
      • Transactional RFC
    • Utilizes JCo server libraries which helps to connect and communicate with SAP as a BAPI over RFC
    • Send IDocs over RFC’s.
    • Receive IDocs over RFC’s as a Boomi Listener.
    • Transform SAP objects (BAPI & IDocs) to and from XML.
  2. Process:

    Regardless of SAP instance complexity for example mismatched object models between SAP and third-party solutions, Boomi abstracts the complexity of any system through its Connector based approach by exposing SAP and other systems hiding the complexity behind and hence improves overall development efficiencies.

  3. Community:

    Through its community empowered approach, Boomi helps reducing training, staffing requirements, development costs, and faster time to market to realize value on your investment.

    Boomi community is a delivery methodology that includes practices, services, training, etc.

Jade Global Approach:

With its strong presence in integration space, especially in Boomi, and multiple integration implementation using Boomi with SAP (SAP on-prem and on-cloud), Jade brings a blend of technology and domain expertise to overcome challenges on enterprise application side even before actual integration is started.

These challenges are due to the way SAP is generally implemented in organizations leading to customization for example pop-ups causing BAPI to break or internal cross-references etc. We bring the expertise along with a checklist and other accelerators to quickly rule out various roadblocks in your enterprise system and hitting the right place to address. This helps reducing time to market by 3-4 times than the typical traditional way of approaching integration.

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