Evaluating Cloud Migration Risks and Mitigation

Hybrid workspaces have become the current flavor, and technology is spearheading this, disrupting the age-old industry norms. Your critical data is at risk while working remotely in an on-premises environment. On the contrary, cloud computing brings agility, scalability, business continuity, minimal maintenance cost, collaboration efficiency, and the flexibility of work practices.

According to a new study, the market size of global cloud computing is predicted to reach USD 1,251.09 billion in 2028, with a CAGR of 19.1% from 2021 to 2028. It has been attributed to many factors like cloud migration (cloud migration data security) across various industries, 5G, enormous data consumption, Internet of Things (IoT), and the big winner Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to make a big splash, further supporting the growth for cloud computing.

Further, cloud computing addresses issues of remote working, growth management, and budget management. No wonder many organizations are fast-moving on to the cloud.

Do you know?
  • 49% of companies say that cyber threats have gone up in the past year
  • 78% of C-Suite leaders worry more about cyber security threats over business competition
  • 88% of leaders have started to spend more on cyber security measures post pandemic

A pertinent question that comes to our mind is how safe the cloud is. This blog talks about the benefits of Cloud Infrastructure security.

Cybersecurity is a significant concern as organizations are gearing up to move their workloads and applications into the cloud. Security (cloud migration security strategy) concerns are not without reasons. The lack of confidence is also because of a lack of clarity. A clear understanding of the potential dangers of cyber threats and how to maneuver around the gray areas that could lead to undetected gaps in cloud migration security.

In a shared responsibility model, the cloud service provider takes the responsibility of protecting the hardware, software, networking and other facilities and the organization is responsible for data protection, devices, user accounts and identities. The shared responsibility leaves a potential gap in operating systems, network controls, applications, and directory infrastructure to name a few. The responsibility is based on what kinds of service the organizations opt for, whether it is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure-as-as-Service (iPaaS).

Each organization requires a customized solution on what kind of services will suit them. A good Cloud Service Provider can advise on the right solution.

How does an organization be cyber-healthy after migration to Cloud (Cloud Migration Risks and Mitigation) Services?

1. Bridging the security gap

Jade offers end-to-end security service solutions across operating models with the intent of embedding security as an imperative and ensuring security automation, intelligence, protection, and policies are built within the system rather than as an extra layer.

2. A Full suite of Professional Advisory Services

You can simplify, unify, and integrate security and compliance according to the demands of the business. A full suite of professional advisory services is offered to understand it alongside the recent Trends in Cloud Security in 2022. Cloud security offers many levels of control in network infrastructure to provide security and continuity.

3. Innovate with Automation and Intelligence

Despite the aggressive and sophisticated attacks that the cyber threat actors are launching, the organization can innovate with automation and intelligence and focus on their core activities through a good cloud service provider.

4. Digital Enterprise

Through enterprise digitization operations, processes and business models could be transformed with disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics. Business continuity is most important and securing the digital enterprise with various aspects like security control and compliance will ensure it. The cloud environment offers consistency and visibility from edge to core to cloud.

5. A Hybrid and Resilient Environment

Containers provide continuous support in integration and increase consistency, efficiency, productivity, and version control. A hybrid and resilient environment will ensure security and continuity of on-premises with many features like security containerization, data protection, and recovery. They offer IT automation services for platform lockdown for compliance purposes.

How can Jade Global’s Cloud Infrastructure Services help in cloud migration risks and mitigation?

Jade Global begins with assessing the business and then arrives at a cloud strategy. This includes assisting you in navigating IT complexities and understanding its competitive advantage, creating a framework of cloud security innovations that will be trending in 2022 for future success, improving your IT security, and streamlining your spending.

A multinational advisory and broking giant streamline its entire infrastructure design and architecture in a more secure and reliable way using Cloud technologies (cloud migration data security). Read the case study of the broking giant and learn about Jade Global's unique solution right here.

Read the Case Study to know more

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