Supply Chain is a complex chain of networks. Enormous data is getting generated in every transaction between manufacturers and suppliers. Most B2B transactions happen through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communication.

Several EDI transactions take place between Manufacture and Suppliers, such as Sending and receiving Purchase Orders (850), Invoices (810), Advance Shipping notifications (856), and so on. All these transactions hide critical information in EDI format, which is not a relational database format. Organizations face challenges applying analytics on top of EDI Data because of its complex structure.

Jade has developed a solution leveraging Snowflake, a Cloud Native Data Platform & Boomi, a Cloud Native iPaaS. The solution contains pre-built EDI conversion pipelines, Snowflake Database, and some critical actionable visual insights. We also provide sample EDI data for various transactions that you can leverage to pilot your dashboards and reports.

If you have EDI data and looking to extract actionable insights, Jade can help you with your initiative. You can download the whitepaper for more details.

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