From bookings to billing, with SAP Concur, Jade’s SAP Concur Services Integrates and automates all your Travel & Expense management processes, delivering not just greater efficiency and transparency but reduced cost and sustainability also. 

How efficient is your current Travel & Expense management solution? Does it provide an automated workflow for expense submission, approval, and reimbursement? Does it allow automatic integration with your ERP? Can your employees book their trips on their own devices? Does it connect with providers like airlines, hotels, car rentals, ride share, etc.? Can you track spending budgets in real time? 

If you have NO for an answer, you are not using a modern-enough Travel & Expense management solution, which means you are not saving time and money. 

Let us help you with Jade’s SAP Concur Services 

Service Offerings



  • Benchmarking with SAP best practices.
  • Roadmap for T&E implementation
  • Assessment and development of business case for Concur

End to End Implementation

  • Understanding your requirement and suggesting the best possible solution
  • Designing a wholesome system covering your daily needs
  • Timely Deployment with thorough Testing
  • Data migration


  • Ongoing support
  • User training
  • SLA based support
  • Enhancements as per the change in company’s requirement
  • Configuring the frequent changes in Statutory and Regulatory requirements
  • After Go-Live Support
Solutions services

Put Your Trust in Jade’s SAP Certified Implementation Services

Jade not only implements the right software solution - SAP Concur but also integrates it correctly with any backend ERP for greater efficiency and automation. Our SAP implementation and integration services ensure a seamless solution that is scalable for the future, flexible for all types of business situations, and provides:

  • Built-in process automation
  • Transactional efficiency
  • Intuitive yet simple user experience
  • Better compliance

SAP Concur Capabilities

From paper/excel sheet-based travel expense management shift to automated and integrated management, all from one common cloud space - SAP Concur.

  • Automated workflow for travel expense submission, approval, and reimbursement
  • Communicates with ERP backend and other systems for seamless import & export of data
  • Employees can book their trips on their devices
  • Connects with providers like airlines, hotels, car rentals, ride share, etc.
  • Uniformly apply spending policies across the organization, reducing non-compliant spending
  • Conveniently recognizes receipt data and registers an expense using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology
  • Links with Google Maps & Apple Maps to track the mileage costs using GPS tracking feature
  • Offers Connectivity with major credit card providers and converts the transactions directly into expenses
  • Intelligently assigns the card transaction with the appropriate and already defined expense type
  • Allows real-time tracking of budget
Solutions services
Solutions services

SAP Concur at Peak Performance with Jade

Backed by 19+ years of industry experience and a team of certified SAP implementation architects, we help businesses automate and optimize their digital travel management processes, saving them time and money by eliminating the need for forms, routing slips, or Excel tables. Our managed services across the SAP Concur lifecycle keep it upgraded and at peak performance ensuring greater efficiency and sustainability.

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