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SAP Automation

Making the right choice for the Automation approach in your SAP Environment

Do you aim to reduce interaction time with your SAP system and the time required to train new employees? Are you considering tools for designing, building, and running bots in SAP applications and platforms? If yes, Jade Enterprise Architects can help you achieve efficiency through SAP automation solutions.

Does your organization have simple and complex processes, one-offs, and repetitive tasks? If so, it would help if you looked for ways to automate business processes to raise efficiency and productivity. Based on your organizational needs, you should consider process automation ideas or technology automation ideas to achieve end-to-end, uniform process automation for flexibility, and efficiency.

Organizations that think “automation first” can apply automation where it makes the most sense and can have the most significant impact. In its native form, SAP Core also offers you a variety of ways to automate. Architectural approaches, plug-and-play solutions, point-to-point integrations, native integrations, and standard APIs are some means of automating processes within your organization. RPA and intelligent RPA platforms are some choices available for business and technology leaders today.

Our Enterprise Architects teams will help you navigate various solution approaches and platform choices when it comes to SAP process automation. Our solutions cover simple use cases like scanning/filling forms, data entry/transfer, screen scraping, and legacy application integration, etc. Automation of more sophisticated scenarios like supplier evaluation, hiring & onboarding, expense exception handling, interface monitoring, returns processing, and inventory management can be automated, coupled with SAP RPA, or AI-enabled solutions.

These offer excellent opportunities for achieving higher levels of SAP process automation.

Service Offerings

Automate anything

Your manual, repetitive, rule-based, high-volume processes can be automated.

Improve Productivity

Our process automation experts can enhance process throughput, transaction efficiency, and overall resource productivity.

Explore Disruptive Potential

Creating synergies between SAP business process automation and testing leads to better efficiency. Transform your process to gain a competitive edge and tap the potential of SAP.

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