The Paris Agreement achieved unprecedented success in bringing Sustainability, Global Warming, and Carbon Footprint reduction back to the major economic discussion forums. Over 196 parties agreed to create and commit to a legally binding system for reducing their carbon footprints and brought our Carbon Footprint & Sustainable growth discussions to the forefront. There is renewed vigor among political, economic, and environmental circles to do more to preserve our unique, precious planet.

If you are on this page, you are part of a concerned, aware, and caring community that has thought of, decided, or is giving some thought to traveling this road to tracking your emissions and eventually becoming Carbon Neutral.

Salesforce recently announced that it had achieved Net Zero Carbon emissions across its value chain through 100% renewable energy for its operations. Achieving net zero means reducing greenhouse gases and taking significant actions to ensure that future emissions are balanced by sourcing renewable energy.

Salesforce also launched Net Zero Cloud 2.0, aligned with its mission to fastrack its customers’ journey to Net Zero, enabling organizations to measure and substantially reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to achieve sustainability. Salesforce Net Zero is a complete Sustainability Solution that lets you track, measure, and report on your Sustainability goals with data coming from integrated systems.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is an award-winning tool and a single source of truth to automatically calculate and manage emissions, convert energy usage into carbon footprints and provide visual dashboards for actionable insights.

Salesforce net zero cloud

Jade’s SF Net Zero Cloud – Out-of-The-Box Implementation Services

We partner with you as you take the long road toward reinvigorating your IT tool chest.

While tracking and measuring greenhouse gases is voluntary, you might start thinking about committing to Net Zero Targets, the effort it would need, and what the ROI will be! While few organizations are already Net Zero, many industry leaders have committed to being Net Zero and have started putting significant efforts toward their goals. Why wait for it to be regulatory? Instead, why not become a leader and let your customers and stakeholders know that along with growth, sustainability is your vision as well?

You might wonder what the sources of emissions are, which assets are to be tracked, and how to ensure you are in the right direction. All these fundamental questions and more – we’ll help you find answers to them.

At Jade, we believe in and follow the ownership culture – end-to-end, making us a trusted digital transformation services partner for nearly two decades. We can meet you at whatever milestone you are on in your journey towards carbon net zero. Whether you have just begun thinking about this climate action initiative, have already made a science-based commitment in line with net zero, or are entirely ready to jump in the Race to Zero.

Along the way, we help you gain confidence in owning the emission tracking and, at the same time, modernize your operational toolchain, so you can take complete control with minimal effort once you reach cruising altitude.

With our state-of-the-art ready demo and Net Zero product specialists, we are on a mission to help companies in their sustainable journey. Be ahead of time and begin your Carbon Accounting with Jade Global!

Salesforce net zero cloud Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment

Pre-flight check – helping customers in needs assessment, cost modeling, business case preparation, current landscape discovery, and gap analysis

Salesforce net zero cloud Planning and Preparation

Planning and Preparation

Preparation for take-off, address readiness gaps, technical and strategic planning, finalize roadmap, with constraints, and risk mitigation strategies

Salesforce net zero cloud Migration Factory

Migration Factory

Take-off and go – A factory-based approach to migrate workloads in phases, with quality and security checks built right in

Our Capabilities

At Jade Global, we have started planning to emphasize the environmental impact created through our day-to-day operations. We believe it should be a crucial action item in every company’s forward-looking agenda.

Since customers like you have multiple sources of full value chain emissions (Scope 1, 2, and 3), we collaborate with your teams to identify the assets that emit greenhouse gases and categorize them accordingly in the discovery phase. We get on your side to help organize these and plan for each.

Once we are done with the discovery, we can setup the Net Zero Cloud for you with our best-practice experiences and specialist knowledge. We can also build a comprehensive picture of your organization’s environmental carbon footprint and investor-grade data for ESG reporting.

We adopt a holistic view to look at your Enterprise and identify all that can be acted upon with the help of standard dashboards by setting up the Net Zero Cloud Analytics – making it easier for you to create a solid business case and achieve Net Zero.

How we help you

We will ensure real-time carbon accounting and increased stakeholder transparency and walk your company towards the sustainability goal of Net Zero Emissions by:

  • Identifying all the emission sources for your company across geographies and business verticals.
  • Assessing the current state and devising a climate-action-based strategy.
  • Using Salesforce Net Zero Cloud as a single source of truth for carbon accounting.
  • Facilitating future decisions based on data-driven insights.
Salesforce net zero cloud - Assessing The Fit
Salesforce net zero cloud Solutions & services

How can we help you

Whether You are just starting or have already started your journey toward Carbon Emission tracking and reporting, we can help you measure, track, and achieve the goals you set out to achieve. There is no one-size-fits-all approach; each organization has different needs and is at a different phase in its Sustainability Journey. You may be looking to start small with an MVP or implement most features with a Big Bang approach, or prefer a Phased Approach. We can help you decide which approach works best for you and tailor it to your unique needs so that you get maximum value.

Why Jade

The right partner with the right approach and teams for a distinctive edge.

  • End-to-End Solutioning capabilities between Net Zero, ERP, and Third-Party Data sources.
  • Deep expertise in application and infrastructure-managed service
    • Partnership with Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, and Salesforce with unmatched skills in enterprise application management
    • Partnership with Boomi and MuleSoft
  • Managed service culture – we build it, we own it
    • Whether it is Enterprise apps, the Integration layer, or the underlying infrastructure – we always stand by what we build – our customers rely on us to make their IT work – a no-nonsense approach to value delivery
  • Access to untapped talent pool from India’s most forward-thinking universities
  • Well-oiled talent development machine through the IMPROVE program
    • We do hire the best; more than that, we groom the best
    • Seven-step process to turn savvy minds into battle-hardened professionals in under six months’
Salesforce net zero cloud Solutions & services

Customer Benefits

  • Time-to-market – reduced by six months to 8 weeks
  • Hybrid Agile Delivery Model saves TCO by over 25%
  • Increased end user adoption with a market research-led approach
  • Seamless delivery: highly available for US time zones
  • Dedicated teams – the top talent as an extension of client teams
  • Ease of engagement
Salesforce net zero cloud Solutions services

Request for Services

Find out more about how we can help your organization navigate its next. Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.

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