Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Data Migration and Transformation 

The benefits of the modern Salesforce CPQ data model enable organizations to tie Sales, Finance, and Service teams, across an integrated experience, while enabling personalized interactions to create sales velocity and business data continuity across the enterprise. Customers increasingly expect businesses to understand what they need at any given time, with rich transactional context. Organizations also benefit from a deeper understanding of market trends, new whitespace opportunities with customers, and interactions focused on people, rather than data research. 

Why Jade for Salesforce CPQ Data Migration and Transformation? 

Jade has “Lead-to-Cash” DNA with a focus on delivering Partner of Choice breadth and depth from opportunity and quote management through the CPQ and billing cycle. Onsite CPQ Business Analysts, CPQ Technical Architects, CPQ specialists, Offshore Center of Excellence

  • Assure a Complete CPQ Solution to transform your Salesforce CPQ data migration and CPQ Billing processes with precision enterprise implementation and integration, focused on internal and customer experience, user, and data alignment for the 2020 Digital Enterprise.
  • Next Generation Selling Experience Salesforce CPQ- data migration has evolved to address subscription, usage, the universe of bundling, and custom pricing and discounting models, to enable the sales organization to book highly accurate quotes, contracts, amendments, and renewals. Our experts Standardize on the leading CPQ Platform, Salesforce CPQ, and establish a foundation for customer 360, automation, and cross-cloud enablement.
  • Guided Selling and Price Optimization.
  • Advanced Approvals enable complex approval hierarchies, with sequential, parallel, and smart approvals. Empower real-time sales guidance for potential approval blockers, delegation, and fast-track deals which required edits or pushbacks.
  • Advanced Order Management. We help organizations align customer orders across the enterprise and billing and finance functions, simplifying revenue recognition and enabling granularity in forecasting and delivery promises. We can help operationalize split orders, quantity ramps, complex discounting and pricing models, and add precision across valuable customer relationships.
  • Reset and Reduce Maintenance. Salesforce deploys several upgrades each year, included in your subscription cost. This allows Salesforce customers to cover more business processes with omni-channel capabilities, while reducing the need for highly specialized skills for hardware, data backup, and security

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