Accurate sales order entry is the first step in Order Fulfilment Process. Many Businesses require customer approval before they start the order fulfillment process. In order to have Order Confirmation to be reviewed by end-user and have easy access, we need to integrate any mail client to our Oracle Apex Application. This whitepaper describes how we came up with the solution to allow end-users to see their Order Confirmation on any mail client like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, or Microsoft Outlook mail. At the same time, this document also elaborates on how we can generate word document, PDF, etc through Oracle Apex.

Business Requirement:

In our recent project, we have developed an application in Oracle Apex, which facilitates the sales agents to place sales orders. The orders placed are interfaced to Oracle EBS Order Management. Many of the customers want to review their sales order before the fulfillment process start. The requirement was to provide a facility to agents to send the Sale Order information to a customer over email. This company is in Business of selling customized stationery with Logos and Imprints. And so it was part of the requirement to show Product images with Logos and Imprints on the email confirmation page. As the business is spread across Europe, US, and APAC countries, agents wanted an option to send the same order information in 15 different languages.