Cloud computing is redefining how businesses effectively run, innovate, and be more agile in developing new products and services. The scalability, agility, and innovation of the cloud make it an essential enabler to ensure the success of future business transformations.

The global cloud computing market is growing rapidly. By 2025, total worldwide spending on and around cloud services will surpass $1.3 trillion while sustaining a compound annual growth rate of 16.9%1. Nearly 65.9% of application spending will be on cloud technologies, up from 57.7% in 2022.

Multi-cloud practices use multiple cloud service providers to distribute workloads, applications, and services across different cloud environments. Whether it is a private cloud, a public cloud, or an on-premises data center, the proportion needs to be dynamically allocated according to different enterprise strategies and comprehensive cost analysis.

This whitepaper explores multi-cloud practices, benefits, and industry-specific use cases with multi-cloud adoption.

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