This whitepaper describes the best practices of ASN (Advance Shipment Notice) generation with Oracle EDI.

An electronic notification (ASN: Advance Shipment Notice) of an upcoming delivery, directly from a supplier or third-party logistics company to a buyer, in advance of the shipment based on the trading partners' requirements, which includes order information.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange):

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is electronically communicating information that was previously communicated via paper such as purchase orders, invoices, etc

Various technical standards exist for EDI to facilitate communication between transacting parties. The most used standards are X12, EDIFACE, RN, etc.

Oracle Release 12 came with e-Commerce gateway module formerly known as Oracle EDI Gateway. Oracle EDI Gateway enables the ability to conduct business electronically between trading partners based on electronic commerce standards and methodologies such as EDI used for integration.