Most organizations consider adopting Low-Code Integration as OPTIONAL and are hesitant to go forward with it. They continue to manage with custom integrations or leverage monolithic Legacy integration platforms in their enterprise. The Pandemic has uncovered vulnerabilities of the IT capabilities of such organizations. According to S&P Global, the disruptions have impacted industries across Manufacturing, Travel, Hospitality, Automotive, Retail, Logistics, Financial Services, and many others.

The year 2020 has taught companies that deprioritizing an Intelligent Integration strategy is a costly affair. Due to rigidness in custom coded integration and usage of legacy integration platforms, these companies have not responded to market demands. The impact has been so detrimental that many small to large businesses failed to survive.

As a Business or IT leader, if you have the right data at the right time, you can build the right strategy and operate with flexibility.

Watch this on-demand webinar to know:

  • Integration challenges with heavyweight integration platforms
  • Various types of Enterprise Integration needs
  • How Boomi solves these integration challenges
  • Best Practices & High-Level Designs for Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle, SAP & Workday integrations
  • Tips for adopting the right solution for data-driven businesses
  • Customer Talk – Ducks Unlimited Canada & Finning, Canada