Does limited insight into your Purchase Orders (PO) and Invoices hinder your B2B collaboration?

Individual EDI messages only provide visibility into a single step in your 'Order-to-Cash' or 'Pay-to-Procure' processes. Without a top-level perspective, it's tough to respond to queries, rapidly diagnose transaction errors, or track trends.

As Boomi Platinum Partner, Jade has built an innovative solution, B2B 360. It's a Boomi EDI Dashboard that can co-relate your discrete EDI messages and present them in intuitive, human-readable visual formats.

Key Capabilities of Jade's EDI Solution

Cultivate agility in your decision-making by using Jade's powerful EDI tool to:

  • Monitor the success, failure, or in-progress status through BAR & PIE charts.
  • View purchase orders and invoices amount for any selected period.
  • Monitor the reason for the delay for any selected transactions.
  • Diagnose errors in your purchase orders and invoices in real time.
  • Query/view transactions by dates/partners/transaction type/document type.

Watch Our On-Demand Webinar and Find Your Smart Way to Manage B2B Transactions!

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to rapidly access EDI-related information for finance, supply chain, operations, and customer support with 'B2B 360'.
  • Understand how the tool's pie charts, search filters, downloadable reports, and other visual representations can help your decision-making.
  • Learn how to interpret and analyze B2B transaction trends and extract valuable insights for your business.
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