Most Cloud Applications lack integrated, efficient, and digital lot based manufacturing. Jade Shop Floor Management (JSFM) solution fills in the gaps of the cloud applications. It provides our semiconductor and lot-based manufacturing industry clients with an option to migrate to Oracle Cloud or NetSuite SAAS applications. JSFM integrates and works seamlessly with the Oracle Cloud and NetSuite Applications, leveraging the native functionality of the SAAS applications for PLM, Outside Service Procurement, Costing, and Planning, while providing the solution to track WIP split, merge, translate, and detailed lot genealogy in the JSFM solution. JSFM also integrates with semicon industry solutions for OSP automations, job close automations, Jade lot genealogy, and Jade B2B solution.

JSFM is built on the latest technology base provided by Oracle PAAS, using single sign-on and consistent user experience with Oracle Cloud Applications. The key features of this solution include:

  • Full lot control of the manufacturing process.
  • Integrate Oracle Manufacturing Cloud and NetSuite Work in Process modules using the APIs provided by the base applications. Customers using other ERP applications can also integrate the solution with the base ERP/SCM applications.
  • Integrate with Jade/other B2B solutions for Fabless Semicon Contract Manufacturing, using the RosettaNet Standards for the Semicon Industry. This provides fully automated lot tracking, processing, and accounting across the global supply chain.