Jade Global helped Backcountry implement reusable, scalable & secure pipelines to feed datasets to external vendors that deliver tools that help backcountry make decisions on Assortment Buying and Pricing. Even though these tools were built and provided by third-party vendors, Jade Global had helped them build reliable data models containing information that enables them to build these tools efficiently.

Industry: e-commerce/retail

About the Client

Backcountry.com is an online specialty retailer that sells clothing and outdoor recreation gear for hiking, camping, road biking, mountain biking, rock climbing, winter sports, fly fishing, kayaking, rafting, and road and trail running, and more.

Backcountry’s roots may be in the cloud, but people’s lifestyle revolves around shared adventures in the real world. With their new collection of stores, one can get personalized outdoor advice—and swap trail stories—with their Gearheads and get help with everything from custom bike builds and camp kits to mountain town-style pointers.

Products & Services

Data Engineering

  • From GCP/BigQuery to External Vendors – Outbound Feeds
  • From Ext. Vendor’s SFTP to GCP/BigQuery – Inbound Feeds

Business Requirements

  • Backcountry needs to feed data to third-party systems like S5 (Buying Tool) & Profimetrics (Pricing Tool) to build tools that help them make Buying & Pricing decisions to run their day-to-day business.
  • Design & document the overall feed and process flow for various outbound feed.
  • Ensure uninterrupted service delivery to address current and future business needs.
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Business Challenges


Newly upgraded cloud environment with no outbound feed integrations.


Creation of nonexistent product hierarchies (taxonomy) to fulfill buying/pricing needs.


Setting up outbound feed dynamic dependency to mitigate data integrity issues caused by delays in Datawarehouse refresh.


Third-party system integrations require cloud to-cloud and SFTP feed management.

The Solution

  • Implemented automated data feed solution to fulfill business needs to make buying & pricing decisions.
  • Applied several business rules to clean up data and create a one-to-one mapping of nonexistent taxonomy levels.
  • Integrated sensor dependency to automate data feeds based on warehouse refresh schedule.
  • Leveraging the next-gen capabilities offered by the latest GCP platform, Implemented GCP Data Engineering best practices for end-to-end data feed management.
  • Implemented inbound feeds/APIs that require near real-time price change integrations with NetSuite

The Business Benefits

With the transformed data being fed to the Assortment Buying and Pricing tools, the merchandising business team could make their day-to-day business decisions related to inventory and pricing of the products. This has been a game-changer for merchants and helped them be better merchants.

  • Improved visibility into the product inventory and on-order information, which enabled the business to make better assortment buying plans, forecasts, and execution.
  • Gave clear visibility into competitor prices and the ability to swiftly and accurately relate product pricing decisions.

"Such an amazing effort by the tech team!! Sincere thanks to every one of you!! I know something like this took a few years at my last place, and you all shown such leadership and drive to get us here."

Sridhar Nallani, EVP & CTO