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Limitless BI and Analytics Platform to bring together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics that enables data-driven enterprise culture

Business Intelligence modernization and cloud enablement go hand in hand. While Cloud offers very compelling business ROI, it is often rushed into without proper due diligence. Jade Global offers a comprehensive BI Modernization strategy that helps you identify high-value modernization opportunities and establish a plan to minimize maintenance costs.

The primary focus of BI Modernization is to

  • Eliminate divisional and system data silos in the face of exponential data growth to obtain a 360 view of their businesses
  • Guarantee data privacy and security is at the forefront, with robust enterprise policies supported by centralized system controls
  • Deliver actionable insights from these systems to everyone in the enterprise in an intuitive and self-service, yet efficient and cost-optimized manner
  • Enable ability to deliver timely, accurate and relevant insights to everyone in their organization from all their data

Service Offerings

Modernization Strategies

Modernization advisory service to evaluate potential solutions & define strategic roadmap to next-gen BI & Analytics platform.

BI & Analytics

Certified Oracle Analytics Cloud, MS Power BI & Tableau team to transform legacy reports into modern BI & Analytics solutions.

Advanced Analytics

Implementing advanced analytics leveraging industry leading tools & languages like Oracle, Azure ML, SQL, Python and R.

Data Integration

Expertise on several cloud data integration platforms including Oracle and Azure tools for improved techniques & strategies.

Assessment – BI & Analytics 360

A 360° view of technology readiness, cloud migration strategy, and an accelerated adoption roadmap aligned to your goals.

Unified Data Warehouse

Unifying analytics across enterprise using structured, unstructured, or streaming data sources, for seamless experience.

Data Visualization

Best-practices & proven techniques for great visualizations to understand & spot trends, identify the data points that require proactive actions.


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We are impressed by your knowledge, professionalism, and awesome personalities. It was a pleasure working with you all. This was a challenging project, but your well-organized approach, quick handling of issues, and easy to get-along-with team members, made things progress smoothly. You helped to keep us on track every step of the way.

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