Salesforce is an online cloud-based customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. Our testing services cover modules of Salesforce, different components of platform such as Configuration, Integration, Customization, App Exchange components, and Cloud.

We have SMEs working on different cloud platforms on that allow companies to interact with different data and help service customers through various capacities – service cloud, marketing cloud, health cloud, app cloud, community cloud, analytics cloud, etc.

Our Salesforce testing capabilities help businesses to identify the bottlenecks and streamline their operations.

Business Needs of Salesforce Testing:

  • Issues involved with data migration like data corruption, missing data, loss of data needs to be found and mitigated in testing phase
  • Ensure code/workflows developed are functioning and reliable
  • Customizations and configurations done to develop business processes need to be tested, as changes made should not result in any failures in Production
  • Business Objectives are met
  • Ensure Regulatory compliance
  • Ensure Third-party integrations are working correctly