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Lightning Conversion is a onetime opportunity, make sure you choose a right partner to help you

Migrating to Salesforce Lightning is essential to optimize Sales and Support functions. Allow Jade Global to put you on the right path to migration

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Increase in Sales Productivity


Increased Sales


Increase Forecast accuracy


Increase in Case Closure


Decrease in Developer Turnover rates

Lightning Migration: A perfect opportunity

Align your Salesforce implementation to a global standard. Get control of your environment now! Lightning is a perfect opportunity to analyze and understand the health of your overall environment compared to Salesforce standards. Salesforce has put its foot forward to give best User Experience to all Salesforce userbase in form of Lightning.

Jade Global has helped multiple enterprise companies transform into Lightning experience. We have all the tools and accelerator to get it right the first time. We make sure you do not carry unwanted baggage into your new home!

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Why Jade Global?

  • We have done this numerous times for few of the most complex environments in Salesforce Ecosystem.
  • We have right tools and accelerators to migrate to Lightning in a right way
  • Helped customers to have a business objective driven approach to capture the feedback to ensure success. Changes Management is in the center of everything!
  • Experts in painting and delivering end to end process right from Analyzing, Designing, Continuous Improvement & Roll out.

How Jade Global will help you migrate from Salesforce Classic Experience to Salesforce Lightning Experience

Jade Global can help you select the right approach based key factors that drives the initiative. We recommend 3 main Approaches as shown below:

Option 1: MVP - (LIFT & SHIFT) + Lightning skin on top of custom pages + Productivity Features: This is the fastest way to get to Lightning if an organization is not following a mobile first strategy and all business is driven on desktop.

Option 2: MVP - (LIFT & SHIFT) + 30% Visualforce code-based conversion to Lightning Components (Mobile compatibility) + Productivity Features: This is the approach most of the companies opt for where they prioritize 30% custom visual force pages which they would like to make it mobile compatible. Else the solution will remain Lightning Skin but won't be mobile compatible.

Option 3: A Complete Mobile Compatible Lightning Conversion: All your custom developed pages will be converted to Lightning Component which are mobile friendly. Maximum Lightning features will be enabled to replace few old functionalities. Generally, an expensive approach and companies who really need of mobile first strategy and do most of their business on mobile will opt for this approach.

  • Opportunity to clean up technical debt
  • Align to Salesforce future roadmap
  • Personalization for User / Organization (Theme colors/templates)
  • Maximize user’s productivity
  • Find what you need faster
  • UI Experience
  • Navigation
  • Attachment of Files (Larger storage space)
  • Console APPS User Experience
  • Business Process
  • Data
  • Data Model (Meta Data)
  • Mobile View
  • Page Layouts
  • Security
  • App Exchange Packages (Unless not lightning ready)
  • Active Customization on current classic instance
  • Number of Users in each geography
  • Understanding discontinued features and their work arounds
  • Identifying business champions and educating them about lightning benefits
    • Einstein
    • Lightning Record Pages
    • Improved Analytics
    • Productivity Features
  • QA and Testing
  • Change Management

Lightning Transition Readiness

salesforce cpq

Jade Global has helped many complex global enterprise transition to Lightning Experience seamlessly

We belive Lightning Conversion is not just the lift and shift activity, but this is an opportunity to build the next generation platform with rich productivity features

Help customers to adopt Mobile First Strategy

Are you excited about this beautiful Lightning transition journey?

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