Integrated EDI systems to improve your Retail Process

Boomi for Retail

Electronic data interchange (EDI) with secured electronic communication has changed the way Retail Companies do business with their trading partners. Sending or receiving documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices or Advanced Shipping notifications comprise a major section of maintaining logistics for Retail Businesses. However, different EDI Formats make it difficult for businesses to communicate with partners and suppliers. An integrated EDI system improves business processes such as electronic procurement, automated receiving, electronic invoicing, electronic payments and so on.

Further, it can be a major pain is to verify the EDI documents before transmission. A correct EDI file should match with the EDI specification. Manual verification takes days to weeks. To overcome this problem and accelerate development, Jade has developed a testing and validation framework which can verify your EDI files in few minutes with extensive reporting.

Dell Boomi, a first 100% cloud-based iPaaS (Integration Platform) has grown up in EDI space and it helps develop solutions to manage the above problems and more. It has helped more than 10000 customers globally to achieve seamless integration between cloud and on-premises applications, automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and B2B transactions.  You can connect anything anywhere with the help of Boomi Unified Platform.

Jade Global, Only Dell Boomi Managed Services Provider (Boomi MSP) in India has served more than 50 customers to achieve the various digital transformation initiative including small to large retail customers. We specialize in enterprise-grade solutions for all types of integration needs for Retail Industries. Our faster and cost-effective Implementation and managed model will help you achieve your goal in lesser time with round the clock support.

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