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Why do Life Sciences Companies need Enterprise iPaaS?

Srinivas K Belthur, Vinit Verma
May 5, 2021
A recent Harvard Business Review article called modernization a practical path to digital and business transformation. Double-digit improvements in productivity, innovation and collaboration have fueled the rapid growth of cloud computing. iPaaS helps life science organizations reap the same benefits by applying the power of integration solutions to their industry.

Need for Stronger Integrations For Life Sciences Companies Today

The pressure on the health sector to improve and develop is enormous. Technology is germane to unlocking this immense value. While life science companies embark on a digital transformation journey and modernization, it is a trend and practice to abandon monolithic applications and implement a diverse portfolio of first-class cloud applications. This presents companies with the challenge of eliminating data silos and integrating process and data applications with A2A business partners and B2B.

Today a diverse range of digital tools enable unprecedented amounts of data to be reported, empowering companies to draw better conclusions about patients needs and behaviors. As companies increase their investment in digital devices, applications and systems, it is crucial to look for technologies that enable them to connect, provide a simple and intuitive user experience, and meet security and compliance requirements.

Life science stakeholders can gain a competitive advantage by using powerful and innovative digital technologies to integrate data and provide customer-oriented solutions. After all, data analysis is the key to optimizing the performance of companies along the global value chain. Companies need better ways to collect and manage data, derive real-time insights from it, and translate these insights into positive business results.

How Cloud-Native iPaaS can help:

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a suite of cloud-native services. These services include data integration, application and API integration, data quality, data governance, and master data management. It is a high-availability data integration platform that enables enterprises to quickly and easily configure and deploy advanced data services in the cloud.

Let's see what an iPaaS can do for Life Sciences Companies:

  • Tell you how to build data pipelines for analytics
  • Connects apps and integrates data in those apps
  • Helps identify, fix and examine data quality
  • Helps interchange data externally with business partners
  • Grants a comprehensive viewpoint of product, client and reference data

Some common use cases of iPaaS are:


The Boomi Enterprise iPaaS platform for Life Sciences Companies:

Best of breed applications portfolio in Life Sciences companies can typically look like Oracle/NetSuite/SAP Cloud ERP, Coupa Procurement, Veeva CRM, Trackwise Quality, Tracelink Track & Trace, Workday HCM etc. and B2B integrations with Contract Manufacturers (CMO/CPO), 3PLs, Customers, Suppliers, Banks etc.

Whether in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals or medtech, the life sciences sector needs to move at an accelerated pace in technological advances, partly due to high regulations and other compliance, data security and data protection challenges.

The Boomi Enterprise iPaaS platform provides end-to-end features such as application integration, data quality and governance for B2B and EDI, network management, API management and workflow automation.

Jade Global develops ready-made solutions to accelerate iPaaS deployment and compliance and validation frameworks. Our solutions and consulting services focus on data centeredness, AI enablement and digital experiences. This empowers life sciences organizations to leverage cutting-edge technologies to improve the efficiency of their services and stay ahead of the curve.

How you can begin your journey with iPaaS for Life Sciences:

About the Author

Srinivas K Belthur, leader - Enterprise Solutions and GTM

Srinivas has 26+ years’ experience with Technology & Business consulting services and has successfully delivered Strategy, Planning and Execution of Global engagements involving Cloud Migrations, Digital Transformations, M&A and Divestitures., Infra/Apps/BPO Managed Services. He also heads the Life Sciences and Healthcare vertical at Jade Global. He has 16+ years of experience and expertise in the Life Sciences industry.

Vinit Verma, Integration & Cloud Data Services Practice Lead

Vinit has more than 17 years of IT consulting experience. He has helped all types of organizations build a data-driven integrated business. Coming from a Computer Science Engineering background and having ample hands-on experience, he will take this opportunity to share his thoughts on the right steps forward to help you come out more robust and stable on the other side of Pandemic.

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