Oracle EBS 12.1.3 and Hyperion 11.X users have a little more than a year to assess and upgrade their current systems before being out of support.

Time is just about right to assess and carry out proper due diligence to take a practical path aligned to business goals as companies consider moving forward in-terms of an upgrade from 12.1.3 to R12.2 or a move to Cloud SaaS.

Given that this could be a major project, it will require substantial investment in terms of resources and time. Hence a comprehensive assessment covering all tracks could be the best first approach. This leads to thoughtful considerations and collaboration with the company’s Business and IT teams to align with the overall objectives and choose between the best of breed solutions versus simple and straight forward ones.

The goal is to be able to make qualified decision considering several factors into consideration including cost, time, the core business drivers, automation possibilities, process streamlining aspects, etc. The assessment will have a result that will provide an implementation path which in-turn will provide an improved ROI taking into account the current business processes and IT footprint and the overall business objectives.

WHAT APPROACH CAN EBS 12.1.3 and Hyperion 11.X USERS TAKE?

With the fact that decommissioning of both these systems approaching in the very near future, companies can go through cloud 360 assessment or EBS/Hyperion upgrade. An assessment from Jade Global could enable company’s take the right approach:

E.g for Cloud: Jade in order to provide an unbiased and practical solution, deploys a 4-step assessment approach (360 Cloud assessment): Initiate, Discovery, Validate and Deliver that includes the following:

  • A comprehensive assessment covering all the tracks – View of End State, Business Processes, Oracle Cloud Products, Technical Architecture, Reporting Considerations, Customization/Extensions, and Cloud Operational Readiness
  • Thoughtful considerations and collaboration with your Business and IT teams to align objectives
  • A detailed report indicating your organization’s core business requirements and how a cloud path will meet those requirements
  • The implementation path will be broken down into multiple phases to ensure quicker ROI and avoid disruptive “big bang” approaches whenever possible


Based on a practical and unbiased analysis we provide through our assessment, depending the solution or the implementation path provided (upgrade vs cloud) the project duration could vary anywhere between 5 – 8 months approx., But this would ideally vary from business to business based on their requirements and where they are in-terms of the current systems and where they want to go.

About Jade Global’s Oracle Practice

Jade Global is a Cloud-focused integration, consulting & IT outsourcing Oracle Platinum and Cloud Select Partner. Our services include implementations, upgrades and custom development with cutting edge solutions for SCM, WMS, PM, and HCM. Our industry-focused ERP and BI software solutions improve visibility across entire enterprises. Jade’s specialized Cloud Accelerator Solutions including our flagship Oracle Cloud Migrator (OCM), Informatica to ODI Conversion Tool (InfatoODI), B2B, Warehouse Management, E&O, Supply Chain Planning, Reverse Logistics Automation and Integrated Product Life Cycle Management provide much-needed innovations to drive customer success. With more than 250+ cloud certified professionals, Jade delivers services across diverse industries including Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, Distribution & Hospitality.

Jade is a member of the Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementor (CEI) Program and has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America by Inc. 5000.

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