Ship Central, NetSuite's latest addition to its suite of cloud-based business management software, is making waves in the logistics industry. NetSuite Ship Central streamlines shipping processes for businesses of all sizes, providing a centralized platform for shipping management, delivery tracking, and carrier communication.

NetSuite is reckoned as the world's no.1 ERP, especially for its excellence in the accounting and finance realms. NetSuite is expanding and growing its offering to become an even stronger competitor in the fulfillment and shipping arena. With Ship Central, businesses can now manage all their shipping needs from one central location, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the chance of errors. It is designed for seamless NetSuite integration with its existing financial, inventory, and customer management systems, making shipping data easily accessible across the organization.

What is NetSuite Ship Central?

NetSuite Ship Central is a touchscreen-driven Packing kiosk solution. It uses an intuitive interface and supports barcode scanning and option selection from drop-down menus. As with other NetSuite systems, Ship Central can be configured and customized to fit the needs of individual companies. As required, it supports weight-scale integration and label printing. Before all the new updates and upgrades, Ship Central was known as NetSuite Pack Station.

How NetSuite Ship Central Transforms Logistics?

The updated NetSuite Ship Central addresses several complicated issues. The new updates address challenges that fall into three broad areas - Accuracy, Large Volume, and Visibility.


NetSuite's Ship Central incorporates several elements to ensure that companies can deliver with accuracy, getting the right product to the right customer at the right time and in the right way.

Key highlights of NetSuite Ship Central

  • Enabled Scan-Pack for item verification
  • Tally Scan for individual item confirmation
  • Avoid customer dissatisfaction and expensive reshipment from a mispacked order
  • Promotes Lot Controlled and Serialized Products
  • Removes manual errors and lack of controls from the process for higher success


Managing volume is arduous and cumbersome in packing orders because of issues such as slow production rates, difficulty in accommodating customer requests, and shipping cost management. NetSuite's Ship Central has been designed to take care of these factors.

Ship Central Order Volume Management Capabilities

  • Quickly find orders to pack by scanning a pick carton, sales order, or from a list of staged orders
  • Pack orders across multiple cartons
  • Consolidate packing along shipping routes
  • Pack partially picked orders, if desired
  • Overcome slow production rates and excessive shipments by using this powerful tool to streamline packing
  • Easily deals with different types of orders
  • Allows you to address differing shipping demands
  • Rate shopping versus customer-requested method


Customer service is critical to every organization. Effective customer service requires a thorough understanding of the order process and flow. NetSuite Ship Central provides the required visibility, which is crucial for effective order management. It allows NetSuite Logistic users to access information about the order at any stage in the packing process. Additionally, it provides item-level packing instructions that can be delivered to the packer instead of just in-order notes printed on a packing slip.

NetSuite Ship Central Enabled Visibility

  • View Packing instructions in real-time
  • Audit record of who packed what
  • See which products are packed into each carton and pallet

NetSuite Ship Central’s Business Benefits

  • NetSuite Ship Central’s powerful tracking capabilities allow businesses to stay on top of delivery progress and ensure that their customers are updated with real-time information.
  • The module also supports multiple carriers and shipping methods, making it possible for businesses to choose the most cost-effective and efficient shipping options for their needs.
  • Additionally, Ship Central's intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies the shipping process, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations and deliver outstanding customer experiences.
  • The module also provides detailed shipping reports, giving businesses valuable insights into their shipping operations and helping them make data-driven decisions.


NetSuite Ship Central module is a game-changer for businesses in the logistics industry, providing a comprehensive and centralized platform for all shipping needs. With its powerful features and seamless integration with other NetSuite systems, companies can streamline their shipping operations, improve delivery times, and enhance the customer experience.

If you want to implement the NetSuite Ship Central to your ERP, as a NetSuite Alliance Partner, Jade can assist you. To learn more, please visit our NetSuite services

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