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Oracle NetSuite customization can be utilized across many industries and different company sizes. Because of this trait, NetSuite has been flexible enough to accommodate the business needs of various enterprises.
One of NetSuite’s strengths is its ability to constantly evolve and provide flexibility to a changing business world. NetSuite also takes this trait and extends it to automation through scripts and workflows as well as customized forms and fields. NetSuite can turn tiresome, manual processes into streamlined, automated ones, and is adaptable enough to handle almost any situation. NetSuite can be described as the perfect employee following instructions to the exact letter efficiently.

Who doesn't love customization and automation?

Who doesn't love customization and automation? NetSuite Customization Services power to automate has a tremendous appeal by taking the pain out of manual processes. However, in making the manual processes automated, the question that never seems to be asked is: Can there be too many customizations in NetSuite’s automation in a business process? If so, how much is too much? The simple answer to the question is a surprising “Yes.”
When implementing NetSuite, clients can become infatuated with automating their business processes. They go through the exercise of defining their processes, developing scripts and workflows to handle what a person used to do. Everything is ready to go. When the switch is flipped, some experience disappointment that their automation dream turned into a nightmare.

So how did the automation dream become a nightmare?

So, how did the automation dream become a nightmare? The most common occurrences are data integrity and maintenance. In most cases, the automation within NetSuite relies on data to conduct a process, and if the data is missing or invalid, NetSuite will either error out or perform the task incorrectly. While designing the automated flow, the data needed to automate this process often gets overlooked. A second common occurrence is too many scripts/workflows operating on a transaction. NetSuite recommends no more than 10 scripts/workflows on a single transaction. When too many scripts are deployed on a single record, it can inhibit performance, sometimes taking as much as 15-30 seconds for a transaction to save.
Other issues that can occur are excess scripts that can conflict with one another, causing undesired results and delays, and additionally, not all scenarios within the business process are covered. If NetSuite does not have the information needed, it will display an error.

With all this considered, what is the right amount of customization or automation?

With all this considered, what is the right amount of customization/automation? Unfortunately, there is no answer to this query. The best practice would be to be aware that too much automation might not be the best option, and data/logic are critical factors to success. 
Jade’s NetSuite integration specialists create the right solutions for your organization, so that you can utilize unified, reliable, and accurate data across applications.  

System integration is essential, whether it's ramping up your business operations, introducing innovative new technology, or making changes to your current business processes.
Jade provides a quick, optimal, reliable solution to integrate and manage external applications and data based on your cloud preference.

Jade's NetSuite integration solutions leverage the core capabilities of the all-in-one platform and make the correct information and data available to those who need it, ensuring a better experience with customers, employees, partners, and vendors.
Our expert teams offer comprehensive integration planning, design, and development. Integration between your system and third-party tools allows you to automate processes and transfer information between multiple systems.

Which results in:

  • Enhanced interactions with customers, partners, employees, and suppliers in the process 
  • Improved adaptability to change and reduced operating costs

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Jade is a leading Oracle NetSuite alliance Partner. Our NetSuite services covers advisory, implementation, integration, data migration, and technical services to prepare for your next ERP journey.  To learn more about our NetSuite Service offering, please click HERE

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