Get spectacular Power BI Dashboards by investing in Snowflake Data Warehouse

A data warehouse in the cloud is excellent, but without clear visibility into your usage and costs, it can be difficult to avert overruns or discover opportunities to boost storage and usage, control costs and improve performance.

With the help of Snowflake Data Warehouse, organizations can now easily analyze massive amounts of data and make better business-driven decisions. But, once you have migrated to Snowflake data warehouse and created your users and data sources, how can you monitor usage and tailor it to your needs? What kind of resources will it consume? How much storage will it require? What’s the impact on your billings? These are questions on every customer's mind. Here comes the role of Power BI. We'll take a closer look at how you can use Power BI Dashboards to manage Snowflake Data Warehouse naturally, efficiently and to its fullest potential in our upcoming live Snowflake Simulcast

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Snowflake Data Warehouse Modernization

While Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse is a great solution for your data warehousing and analytics needs and provides the usage statistics and costs visible via their standard interface, many organizations may need more details to achieve important business outcomes.

It is typically an uphill climb for most businesses to create reports and analyses on internal cost and usage data. Data analytics tools provide deeper insight on Snowflake costs and usage. With just a few clicks or a simple hotkey combination, users can launch the data analytics tools that couple with Snowflake.

Monitoring, Data Analytics and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI with Snowflake can provide you with near real-time views of your consumption and utilization by data source, operating system disk type, workload, and other dimensions. These out of the box reports can be extended to monitor more metrics and custom reports can be created to gather pre-defined metrics that are not available in the standard reports. Monitoring in Power BI can also provide you with insights on the most expensive queries, which source data is the slowest and underutilized disks which can be used for query caching.

You can monitor and identify possible cost saving opportunities through snowflake power bi integration. For example, you can optimize your table usage based on the queries that run over the tables most frequently to minimize your overall costs. Many other cost analysis strategies can be readily implemented to generate further savings.

The most obvious benefit of using Power BI with Snowflake for your business is that, along with the ability to easily monitor additional cost incurred, you use and enable certain functionality within your Snowflake Cloud infrastructure. You can then allocate additional resources to free up additional cash flow while minimizing impact on overall

Cloud provisioning timelines.

Spark Up Snowflake Investment with Jade Global’s Power BI Dashboards

Building Spectacular Power BI Dashboards:

Jade Global has developed state-of-the-art Power BI dashboards with Snowflake Data Warehouse that can be easily deployed so that businesses can quickly and easily monitor Snowflake Usage and Cost consumption metrics like:

  • Compute Cost Overview
  • Credit Forecasting
  • Error Tracking
  • Slow Running Queries
  • Query Utilization
  • User Adoption
  • Storage Cost

These Power BI dashboards with Snowflake designed by Jade Global make things easier for users. Users are presented with list views of data that can be filtered by category or dimension. Users can then drill down into individual elements of the data set entering specific parameters.

Modern data warehouses like Snowflake Data Warehouse contain all sorts of useful information that can help a business make better, faster decisions. Snowflake Cloud is the leading player in the data warehouse space and Jade Global as a Snowflake select Partner is committed to helping its customers take advantage of big data solutions that help improve their business. We believe there is significant untapped potential in this space and know how we can serve up these transformative technologies to impact business goals and help you extract value from your investment while minimizing your effort and costs.

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