Boost your data value

Boost your Data Value with Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation

Vinit Verma
May 31, 2021


Boomi’s acquisition of Unifi, a company with a comprehensive range of self-service data discovery and processing tools that have received high rankings, strengthens its integration and data visibility capabilities. These tools enable business users to overcome the barriers of operational data silos and make their information more accessible across the company. Now that they are integrated into the Boomi platform as Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP), enterprises will be able to capitalize on DCP's built-in AI to get the maximum out of massive amounts of unidentified data.

For organizations with a minimum of business applications that require data from consistent data sources, Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation can track applications, identify records, and automate management. In addition, it provides a unified metadata view for users to automate data management. In short, you get a highly Modern Data Management with Boomi.

Moreover, this technology uses Artificial intelligence to automatically catalog, search and discover data where it sits that can save time from moving data to a central repository or data lake. Additionally, DCP generates recommendation tags and PII masking based on user-annotated entries. As a result, customers can reduce error-prone manual tasks with auto-mapping of attributes, finding similar data sets across their data landscape and then automate steps a user typically takes to cleanse, enrich, parse, normalize, transform, filter, and format data before visualization to capture insights from loads of unidentified data, making it available across the enterprise.

The Data Catalog feature enables data preparation for business users who leverage Boomi DCP node as a new or existing big data cluster.

It provides a central repository for data sources, detailed metadata and brings unknown and unused data to the attention of business analysts.

Business analysts can use DCP to create powerful summaries of data transformation with basic knowledge of relational data and common SQL commands. This feature enables data management staff to configure the right data access for the right users, use role based DCP security, and integrate with existing sources and control systems.

Its self-service data catalogue and processing capabilities enable users to generate insights. Merging known and unknown data is important to ensure that we understand data sets in different environments, from multi-cloud, on-premises, hybrid cloud and SaaS applications to the edge. In contrast to the manual processes of the past, the data are standardized.

Explaining the DCP Process:

Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP) leverages collaborative and self-learning AI that adapts based on usage to improve business results. You can connect to any system to access operational intelligence and ask questions in English about discovered objects with a natural language interface. In addition, Boomi's integration capabilities work by breaking up data silos and integrating on-premises and cloud applications with different data sources and devices.

All about the Boomi DCP Architecture and Microservices:

All present programming companies collate their application models as a continuum of nearly coupled microservices gathered under a few primary capacities.

A secure microservices design generates incomparable speed and adaptability. This means you can create more rapidly and cut costs compared to creating with a legacy design.

In microservices engineering, changes can be made to individual assistance without influencing its "contract" with different administrations. This capability fulfils the business's growing needs, for example, simultaneous clients and data handling loads.

A similar microservices architecture allows Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation to exploit the most recent data handling and investigation systems, for example, Apache Spark and cloud database as an assistance (DBaaS) contribution like Google BigQuery and Snowflake. Boomi can create locally to these systems instead of depending on the connectors for the legacy applications. This goes beyond conventional data catalog and handling arrangements.

DCP is designed such that it can adapt to any data handling stage.

"Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation reduced the time needed for West County Health Centers to generate reports, from months to hours — or even minutes."

Superior Back-End Services with DCP:

Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation back-end administrations fall into four classes.

  • Intelligent Agent (IAgent) administration: AI and robotization that happens inside DCP
  • The Executor administration: Data profiling, data review, and occupation execution
  • The Discovery administration: Distinguishes document organizations, for example, .csv, JSON, and XML and data types.
  • The Access administration: Simple connector creation utilizing Java.

They provide great benefits to customers:

  • Relevance-based metadata search; including data sets, occupations, business glossary, work processes, timetables.
  • A proposal motor that gives access to ready and enriched data to all customers.
  • Easy, uniform and centralized data sharing across the board. Rate and remark on data.
  • Natural language queries that allows clients to put forth questions on their data with no specific information. As well as equipping IT with alerts on data security and preparedness.
  • The ability to build repetitive, predictable data pipelines to operationalize work processes. On-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Boomi easily adapts to any situation, employing the elastic changeability of these conditions.

Making it easy for IT:

Boomi Platform and Boomi DCP facilitate and empower your IT:

  • Architectural adaptability that supports the latest data preparing structures
  • Lowered cost of proprietorship
  • Stronger data security and approvals
  • Easy Scalability

Why choose DCP over Legacy Data Management Solutions:

Boomi DCP takes care of one of the greatest challenges that Legacy data management poses. They are usually independent application suites, where the data captured doesn't connect or naturally flow from one to another. Plus, they are also highly monolithic, having no innate ability to incorporate changes.

On the other hand, Boomi DCP's flexibility renders it advantageous and cost-effective for enterprises. The fact that it is AI-empowered and blends ease and value to simplify processes and gives better, distilled insights improves business results.

Jade Global for Boomi Services:

Jade Global is a Boomi Certified Elite Partner specialized in enterprise-grade solutions for all integration needs. We work closely with Boomi to deliver complex, cost-effective integration solutions for Cloud and on-premise applications to help customers achieve rapid digital transformation. Using pre-built templates from past solutions, we help our clients quickly get started on integration projects across the organization, Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle Cloud, SAP, and more. We solve complex data synchronization issues between applications using our best practices for Master Data Management. Jade Global’s Managed Services team provides 24x7 support to ensure strong inbound/outbound data flow and connectivity.

About the Author

Vinit Verma, Global Practice Head – Digital Platforms & Solutions | Boomi | Snowflake

Vinit Verma is Global Practice head for Boomi and Snowflake Practice at Jade Global. With over 18 years of IT consulting experience, Vinit has been helping small to large organizations build a connected and data-driven business.

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