Embarking on the journey of modernization, businesses recognize the strategic importance of migrating their automation solutions to the cloud. In this context, this blog article will delve into the specific realm of moving the widely acclaimed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, UiPath, from on-premises to the cloud. Transitioning UiPath to the cloud becomes imperative for optimizing operational performance and unleashing the full potential of automation capabilities.

However, the idea of migration brings along uncertainties regarding the time and cost involved. That is why the data solution experts at Jade Global have built a UiPath Cloud Migration Framework to help you navigate the nuances of UiPath migration.

In your pursuit of a successful UiPath cloud migration, you will find insights in this blog on the most important factors, difficulties, recommended procedures, and Jade's Cloud Migration Framework.

Why UiPath Cloud Migration is Important?

1. Automatic Upgrades to UiPath

  • Decreases the burden on your infrastructure and IT resources.
  • Every two weeks, UiPath keeps up an update schedule!
  • Instant activation of new tools without the need for hardware, installation, or downtime

2. Remove Barriers

  • You get more time to devoted to growth and less time is spent on environment upkeep
  • Democratize the experience of automation with ease.
  • It is simple to conduct trials of new products without installation needed.

3. Maximize Utilization

  • Unlimited Tenants in the cloud
  • Provision bots only when there is work to do with Cloud-Orchestrated Robots ("Elastic bots")
  • Automation Cloud Robots are available (UiPath will host the robot VMs reducing infra needs to zero)
  • Safely link robots from public cloud, on-premises, or Automation Cloud-managed environments.

UiPath Automation Cloud Architecture


Recommended UiPath Cloud Migration Approaches

1. Lift & Shift Approach

Make minor changes to self-hosted platform migration. Lifting the details from your current environments and moving them to the cloud in their current state

Best Suited for

  • Robust and well-resourced deployments
  • Quick, simple, Copy-Paste workflow that doesn’t require rework.
  • Clients who have already switched to modern folders.

2. Incremental Migration

Phased process refactoring, testing, and deployment are possible with an incremental migration since it adopts an agile methodology.

Best Suited for

  • Bigger, older code bases that need to be updated.
  • Methodical migrations: Knowing where things are going.
  • Adoption of the Cloud at a Pace: Tenant combinations and structural modifications

3. Jade UiPath Cloud Migration Framework

To minimize business process disruptions, experts at Jade Global have developed a UiPath Cloud Migration framework that adheres to best practices.

It includes:

  • Planning phase
  • Execution phase
  • Stabilization for Dev
  • Test, and Production environments and processes.

Jade’s Uipath Cloud Migration framework efficiently defines the scope of a migration project and ensures that a secure cloud migration strategy is in place. This, in turn, facilitates a seamless migration, optimizing Bot utilization and ensuring compliance.


A strategic move to transition UiPath from on-premises to the cloud can unlock new opportunities for productivity, cost-effectiveness, and collaboration. With each migration being unique, the UiPath Cloud Migration Strategy must adapt to specific business requirements. Jade's UiPath Cloud Migration Framework seamlessly fills this gap, refining the migration preparation, process, and execution according to your distinct business needs.

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