As digital transformation and IoT adoption continue to increase, legacy integration solutions have become more complex and expensive to manage.

How could a platform that's been around for 10 years handle the demand of integrating with hundreds of thousands of companies? Legacy platforms for business application delivery were designed from the start to handle scaling — to address the thousands of unique requests from companies for data or information in real time. But today they face a dramatically different marketplace. Rapid innovation and the emergence of IoT technologies has increased the complexity of systems integrations.

Businesses need platforms that help them transition from their expensive proprietary integrations to a new flexible hybrid cloud architecture that includes modern protocols, end points and security. This also means gaining the ability to employ Cloud First or Cloud Transformation initiatives that could have been incompatible with earlier legacy middleware. A migration project from one integration platform to another addresses business needs and requirements that are not being met with the existing platform.

The benefits of a modernized integration approach like Boomi, enable cost reduction by reducing IT infrastructure, simplifying build and enhancing business agility. In addition, agile integration reduces complexity around compliance and standards-based transformation initiatives.

It helps IT bring new hybrid IT capabilities to market quicker by automating the movement of data across point-to-point gateway infrastructures. The result is a seamless connected hybrid environment where users can have access to their data, applications, and services from virtually anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Jade Global is one of the top Elite Boomi Implementation Partners with extensive Implementation and Migration experience on both Boomi and legacy middleware platforms. Our team of Boomi experts have been trying to overcome the pain of our customers by making the migration process easier and faster.

Jade Global Integration Experts have developed a unique framework and utilities to streamline the overall migration execution as well as accelerate many of the complex transformations.

Key Highlights of Jade Global’s Legacy Middleware to Boomi Migration Accelerator:

  • Unique migration methodology
  • Automated Legacy Profile Conversion
  • Pre-built DVM to Cross Reference Table Conversion Utility
  • Pre-built automated conversion to Boomi Maps
  • Detailed Wiki to transform Legacy platform components to respective Boomi Components Automated testing and many more
  • Seamless Knowledge Transfer and Transition

Accelerate Migration from Legacy to Boomi Platform by 30 to 40%


The challenge of integrating legacy systems into an increasingly modern digital environment is overwhelming. The existing processes and tools available are complex and slow. The need for transparency and quick turnaround time increases the potential value of Jade Global’s customized solutions, prebuilt integration solutions and templates. By applying Boomi iPaaS we have been able to offer a superior end-to-end experience to our clients.

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Vinit Verma

Global Practice Head – Digital Platforms & Solutions | Boomi | Snowflake

Vinit Verma is Global Practice head for Boomi and Snowflake Practice at Jade Global. With over 18 years of IT consulting experience, Vinit has been helping small to large organizations build a connected and data-driven business.

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