CRM for Sales, Accounting Software for Finance, HCM for HR, APIs for third party - your teams are equipped with the best-in-class applications. But isn't it a big struggle to synthesize processes and data across these dispersed systems?

Why let silos block your holistic view or disrupt your business operations? Adopt Azure iPaaS with Jade and seamlessly integrate all your business workflows, logics, APIs, third-party apps, and more—whether on the cloud or on-premises. Gain centralized control over everything crucial for your business and create bigger values.

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Benefits of Azure Integration Services


Develop and Deploy Applications Faster

Achieve faster time-to-market for your applications with reduced development effort.


Prioritize Security and Compliance

Build secure integration solutions with confidence, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data.


Optimize your Monitoring and Debugging

Improve your visibility into the performance of your integrations and ensure proactive issue resolution.


Automate Your Workflows

Experience heightened efficiency and decreased reliance on manual intervention in your business processes.


Seamless Ecosystem Integration

Effortlessly incorporate a diverse range of Azure tools and services into your integration workflows.


Maximize Cost Efficiency

Experience predictable pricing, optimal resource utilization, and the flexibility to scale based on demand.

Jade Global’s Key Differentiators for Azure iPaaS


Co-creation for Mission-Critical Systems

Elevate your systems with our collaborative co-creation approach.


Proven 20%+ Performance Boost

Achieve exceptional performance gains and reduce technical debt


Cost-effective Application Management

Optimize costs with our global team, saving TCO by 25% to 35%


Agile Onboarding

Swift onboarding in two weeks, termination flexibility in four weeks

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