This digital transformation case study outlines the journey of a Pharmaceutical Giant, where Jade Global's expertise in Digital Transformation Services led to a productivity increase of up to 50%. Addressing the challenges of a cumbersome manual grant approval process, limited IT capabilities, and error-prone operations, Jade Global implemented advanced automated system. Leveraging Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, they created a grant management application with a sophisticated approver dashboard, integrated email notifications, and seamless data sharing capabilities. This digital transformation solutions resulted in a dramatic reduction in manual effort, a surge in productivity, and fortified data security, marking a pivotal upgrade in the client's workflow management.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

About the Client

The Pharmaceutical Giant is a key player in the pharmaceutical industry, dedicated to developing innovative, next-generation drugs. As a subsidiary of a renowned global pharmaceutical conglomerate, the client is recognised globally for its commitment to healthcareand pharmaceutical innovation

Business Solution

Jade Global proposed a comprehensive digital solution leveraging Microsoft's Power Apps and Power Automate, including:

  • Created a grant management application using Power Apps and Power Automate with source deciphering logic from email attachments.
  • Developed an approver dashboard and work management solution with search and validation features.
  • Implemented automated email notifications and timestamp tracking using Power Automate.
  • Facilitated integration with SharePoint and other applications for seamless data sharing.

Business Requirements

Our client, a pharmaceutical industry leader, required a tailored approach of digital transformation services to meet the following business requirements:

  • Implement an automated grant approval system for Medical Affairs, replacing the outdated manual multi-source process.
  • Design a scalable, automated solution to accommodate the organization's increasing operational demands efficiently.
  • Develop a cross-departmental application to streamline workflow, automating grant request processes organization-wide.
  • Integrate advanced tracking and reporting functions within the application for enhanced grant management and transparency.
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Business Challenges


Manual grant approval process led to delayed funding for Medical Affairs Grants.


Limited IT bandwidth resulted in a backlog of business requests.

Business reported

Business reported frequent errors and inefficiencies in the existing process.

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