Get end-to-end support for your semi-annual Workday Release Management and seamlessly integrate latest features across Workday modules, all without any capacity challenges during release cycles.

Twice a year, ‘Workday Releases’ bring exciting new features and enhancements to keep you up to date with the latest in Workday innovation. However, navigating the Workday release cycle and testing the new features can be tricky and drain out your time and resources. 

As a trusted Workday AMS Partner, Jade Global takes the burden off your shoulders, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters to your business. With our support, you can effortlessly adopt the best practices to leverage Workday releases to their full advantage.   

Our experts handle it all, from developing the feature adoption plan, conducting feature impact analysis, and testing release items to implementing the latest features end-to-end excellence. 

Why Jade Global for Workday?

If your business is looking to outsource Workday® release management, Jade Global is right for you. We have been instrumental in strengthening The Workday footprint at prominent corporate firms. We are trusted for our knowledge, experience, and adaptability.


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Jade Global’s Workday Release Management Services


Adoption Planning

Create, prioritize, and categorize adoption items to seamlessly manage the integration of new features and enhancements highlighted in the 'What’s New in Workday' report.

release review

Release Review and Analysis

Through in-depth evaluation of Workday updates for identifying mandatory feature changes and their implications on your organization



Employ our templates and best practices for seamless migration of Workday Semi-Annual Mandatory Release Changes, and optional features per client directives.


Cross-functional Support

Receive assistance and solutions for problems that span different departments during Workday updates.


Regression Testing

Be assured of the stability of your Workday system, with Jade Global retesting the critical functionalities after each release.


Presentation for Clients

Enhance your client experience with our experts providing in-depth note review, alterations in client tenant and testing.

Jade Global’s Workday Release Management Timeline


Business Benefits of Workday Release Management from Jade Global


Efficient Resource Management

We save you time and money by streamlining change implementation, enabling you to maximize the benefits of each release.


Reliable Process Continuity

Overcome broken functionalities due to missed testing. Our proper regression testing ensures smooth process continuity.


Maximized Workday Potential

With Jade Global, ever miss an opportunity to utilize Workday effectively; always get the most out of the technology.


More Time for Innovation

Shift your resources from release management and QA to focus on agility, strategy, and responsiveness to current and future business needs.

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