Result-oriented strategies that lead to supply chain excellence are meant for businesses to stay ahead of the competition in a competitive marketplace. At Jade, we use a Balanced Scorecard approach to achieve value chain excellence. Our value chain analysis service is realized by viewing business processes through multiple perspectives that lead to value chain optimization. We focus on four critical areas for optimizing supply chain management, these areas include Financials, Customers, Supply Base & Processes, and the Organization, giving you a holistic perspective.

We craft our 3-step process for value chain excellence as follows:

  • Mapping the Value Chain– We detect non-value-add processes, process controls challenges and risks, agility, and scalability of the supply chain to offer an initial perspective.
  • Value Chain Measurement– Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify existing and futuristic KPIs and define all KPI baselines, keeping competitive benchmarks in mind, and clearly defined KPI goals.
  • Defining the Roadmap– Collaborate with the client, so our supply chain experts can recognize vital areas for improvement. They design solutions that manage and address all areas of concern in the roadmap for implementing the suggested measures.

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