Value Chain Assessment

Use a Balanced Scorecard to drive Supply Chain Excellence. Continuous improvement in the supply chain is best achieved by viewing the processes from multiple angles. At Jade Global, we have defined four major categories that impact supply chain success; Financials, Customers, Supply Base and Processes and Organization. Our Value Chain Assessments focus on these four areas equally to give you a complete perspective.

Our three step assessment includes:

  • Map your value chain. Within each of the four major categories, we identify non value add processes, process controls challenges and risks, and the agility and scalability of your supply chain.
  • Measure your value chain. We work with your business stakeholders to identify your current and go-forward KPIs, define the baseline for each KPI, compare each KPI to industry benchmarks, and develop targeted KPI goals.
  • Define your roadmap. Our Supply Chain experts, with input from your teams, identify improvement areas, design solutions and recommendations to address those areas and develop a roadmap to implement the needed changes.

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