Winning organizations constantly pursue Growth, Innovation, Value Capture, and Creation. This invariably creates an acute ask for sustained efficiency and effectiveness. The technological infrastructure and IT footprint assessment are pivotal for sustainability and obsolescence. Jade’s IT infrastructure assessment services provide you with an unmatched analysis and roadmap of your IT footprint. The sustainability assessment services offer short, medium, and long-term goals broken down into granular milestones.

Obsoleteness assessment helps to uncover potential cases that can be done away with and where the freed-up opportunity can be used to build contemporary competitive advantages. As a leading IT assessment solutions company, Jade unifies the business model innovations with strategic IT roadmaps to build the best IT and business infrastructures. Reusable assets and automated tools such as our proprietary tool, Propero™, increase the depth and breadth of the assessment. They provide you with complete and actionable recommendations. Learn More About Propero.

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