An event in collaboration with Jade Global, Oracle NetSuite and BioPharma Dive

Over the past decade, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have experienced transformative shifts in their business models as well as the marketplace in which they’re competing. Pre-revenue and early-stage companies in this industry now face formidable pressure to scale rapidly if they are to succeed. This often means integrating existing technology systems with those belonging to funders, regulatory bodies, and third-party vendors and partners.

By building a versatile Digital Operations Platform that integrates directly with a modern cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, these organizations can gain the visibility and control they need to effectively manage their operations to get beneficial therapeutics into commercial production – and the hands of patients – quickly.

Led by technology experts, our on-demand webinar designed for pre-revenue and small to midsized Life Sciences firms explains how embracing cloud transformation can help your company grow and succeed. It discusses:

  • Why rapid technology adoption and cloud transformation are so important for today’s small to midsized life sciences companies
  • The importance of leveraging a solution that’s designed to meet industry-specific requirements
  • Key technology strategies to drive operational efficiencies that will enable a firm to scale up for growth
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