Salesforce, Financial Force and Oracle NetSuite ERP Integration with Boomi

About the Client

Idaptive provides web-based application single sign-on, multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA), and analytics-based around a zero-trust security model. Idaptive’s single sign-on product focuses on the traditional SAML protocol and has thousands of connectors to applications.

Key Requirements and Challenges

  • Automate various manual activities between Salesforce, Financial Force and NetSuite using Boomi iPaas
  • Move integrations from Celigo to more flexible and scalable Boomi platform
  • Provide end to end real-time/scheduled integration between Salesforce and NetSuite for Account, Contact, Sales order, Product, Credit Memo, Invoices, Payment and opportunity objects
  • Provide end to end scheduled integration between Financial Force and NetSuite for billing event, Milestone & Exchange Rate objects
  • Integrate the attachments for all objects between Salesforce, Financial Force and NetSuite