Client: Flexport

Industry: Technology Platform for Logistics

Business Benefits Achieved

  • Flexport saved the cost of product license and maintenance without compromising on quality and performance.
  • With Jade's Boomi expertise, Flexport created the right test cases to ensure the integrations ran smoothly
  • Boomi's user-friendly interface ensured that all Flexport team members, regardless of experience level, could work efficiently

Business Requirements

  • To improve its B2b collaboration, Flexport needed to build its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integrations with customers/carriers/clients for Trucking, Air, and Ocean logistics.
  • The company also wanted to enhance its existing integrations based on business needs, for example, by creating a new logging model for DB.
  • The performance of existing EDI processes needed to be improved.
  • Code issues raised by solutions and the production teams needed robust resolutions.
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Technical Challenges for Flexport

  • For B2B integration, Flexport primarily used Boomi, Github, Boomi CI/CD, JIRA, and DB Viewer tools. However, they were facing challenges in the CI/CD part of the project. Creating various test points for multiple carriers with different inject point mock data and validating it at various levels was a challenge.
  • Developing a new database model, creating queries, and setting up key constraints for multiple tables presented challenges in the database work.
  • To reduce license usage, Flexport developed some interfaces to utilize the processing group functionality of Boomi. However, these interfaces required rigorous testing and proper configuration to avoid any negative impact on the overall system performance.

Solutions Provided by Jade Using Boomi

  • Boomi Integration experts from Jade helped Flexport create multiple processes for various EDI transactions for Trucking, Ocean, and Air-related supply engineering.
  • Some of the EDI transactions were for DO's, 310, 315, 323, 204, 214 & 990 etc.
  • Trading partner configuration was done in the Boomi trading partner connector for every new carrier.
  • CI/CD test cases were created for each and every process, and Boomi process deployment was followed using the GitHub tool.
  • All the JIRA-built work and bug-fixes were done following the Agile sprint methodology.