LiveRamp wanted to implement their sales journey and integrate the sales and marketing flow using Salesforce CPQ. Having a hardened sales team, sales processes were flat. The sales team was using Salesforce Cloud as their CRM and marketing team had multiple sources for their lead generation.

Client: LiveRamp

Industry: Retail

About the Client

LiveRamp, formerly known as Acxiom Corporation, is a San Francisco, California-based SaaS company that connects people, devices, and data across the physical and digital worlds, thereby enabling organizations to leverage the power of data and identity solutions to deliver innovative products and create exceptional experiences.

What’s Next?

After sharing the success of their CI/CD journey, three more teams have adopted the tool for their own use. The Business team uses Salesforce Automation experts and the framework to help answer data questions for the broader organization. Teams across LiveRamp were quick to incorporate the Optimization and automation transformation due to its ease of use and to take advantage of one of the most significant benefits- it works within their firewalls. Jade Global believes LiveRamp will continue to grow its use of Automation Testing and end-to-end Regression Testing with the help of our framework.

Integration of multiple applications with CRM: The team at LiveRamp with Jade global TCoE worked to execute their testing process transformation plan and build end-to-end transactions that would meet the needs of the sales or marketing team and the business overall. They envisioned, designed, and implemented scalable data in the cloud to leverage the power and automation of a cloud test execution.

Frequent releases, multiple parallel deployments with full copy: The team at LiveRamp worked to streamline their release process with the guidelines and experience of Jade’s Delivery and DevOps team to meet the needs of seamless deployments and integrations.

Business Requirements

LiveRamp uses Salesforce as its CRM. As part of business growth, it needs to make frequent changes/enhancements and configuration changes. Only Progression Testing and Sanity Testing were carried out without a regression pack. LiveRamp wanted a Regression Pack Testing test and the ability to auto-run it as part of the release cycle.

Multiple environments and test cycles involved tedious execution processes and widespread deployments with the extensive manual process and complex data sets.

LiveRamp had complex and dependent use cases along with testing of approval hierarchies. Test execution on multiple environments like UAT & PROD resulted in the time required for the testing.

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Business Challenges


LiveRamp and its continuous sprint development meant frequently changing functional requirements, which posed the challenge of setting up the process to create test data and clean up during regression execution for the production environment.

scarcity of documentation

With the scarcity of documentation and multiple environments, it was challenging to piece together the end-to-end flows. Most of the testing which was being done was primarily unit testing.

equally challenging

Test data creation and scrubbing were equally challenging.

The Business Benefits

Jade Xenon's detailed and well-defined QA processes lead to less QA turnaround time to test the system with end-to-end regression test support with a shift-left approach to identify defects at an early stage.

Jenkins CI/CD - Scheduled test execution over the weekend saved human efforts, minimized human errors, and maximized test coverage on production and UAT environment.

Xenon and its well documented test artifacts (test cases, execution results, execution logs, etc.) lead to a 70%-time reduction for Regression Suite execution for each environment.

The Solution

Together, the team worked out to identify what automation tool solution architecture could be helpful. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, they gave close attention to permissions, data governance, and the security protocols necessary for this project

After evaluating different automation tools and license costs, the team decided to use Xenon tool for Salesforce automated Regression Testing. Xenon is Jade’s IP that is developed on top of Selenium. We have developed APIs and a Core library that can handle the Salesforce lightning environment. We decided to use Xenon with the product’s seamless integration with Jenkins to run in scheduled mode.

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