Client: ServiceNow

Industry: Product Engineering

About the Client

ServiceNow is a $5B, 17000+ employee American Enterprise customer experience, employee experience, technology experience, and operational experience platform company with hyper automation and low code solutions to help companies operate better.

The Solution

  • Development PODs for NOW, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Asset Management tracks
  • Common QA POD to save costs and increase automation
  • Dedicated teams for Covid RTO, Google Play store SNOW connectors, Application templates, and their integrations, and LMS
  • Common DevOps teams for the above
  • Total of 65+ member PE team working in both POD and co-engineering models
  • Dedicated Tech PM & Scrum Masters running AGILE sprints for PODs and dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM) for the account from Jade Global
  • WSRs within teams and MBR/QBR with leadership for improvement. Current team size of 130+ engaged in ServiceNow (>50% in product engineering)

Products & Services

  • Enterprise Software

Business Requirements

  • Access to top talent – technical expertise
  • Onshore and offshore talent base to reduce TCO and shorten TTM
  • Retain knowledge in the team
  • Shorten time to onboard (hiring and basic training on current state application)
  • Overall project management and delivery governance
  • Co-development partner
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Business Challenges

specific skills

Customer was looking for specific skills to build out new features and enhancements in the NOW platform and other modules

Local talent

Local talent wasn’t easy to find and was expensive to hire, retain and replace onshore

Explosive demand

Explosive demand meant new hires had a steep learning curve due to a lack of experience in ServiceNow

The Business Benefits

  • Quick ramp up - 100+ member team ramped up offshore and onshore combined in less than three months
  • 20-30% TCO reduction with dedicated PODs and co-engineering teams in onshore-offshore model
  • JADE Partner Experience - White glove service with reporting on key metrics and dedicated SDM free of cost

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