Oracle Cloud/Fusion Applications Testing Challenges

  • Quarterly Cloud/Fusion Application releases by Oracle require upgrading and regression testing at least 4 times/year
  • New functionalities and features in each release requirefunctional and technical analysis for each Cloud/Fusion Application release to understand impact on the environment.
  • New functionalities and features require regression testing prior to upgrading the production environments
  • Upgrade testing requires 3-6 weeks of planning and significant time commitments from dedicated Business and IT personnel
  • Testing scenarios manually is time consuming and requires many clicks, data entry and navigation through multiple screens that may take hours to test just one test scenario!
  • Testing reports and logs are created manually and typically only a limited number are tested
  • High risk of errors due to limited testing time and coverage

Test Automation Benefits

  • Automated testing helps SQA teams run tests 24/7
  • Business process tests can be executed more efficiently and much faster compared to manual testing
  • Test automation enables execution of thousands of different complex test cases during every test run providing coverage and scale that is impossible with manual testing
  • Unlike manual testing, bugs can be detected early during the development phase in automated testing, saving a lot of time and life-cycles
  • Scripts can be reused with zero or minimal changes 
  • Automated tests can be executed on multiple devices, which is extremely difficult in manual testing
  • Because Test Automation accelerates the QA process, fewer SME’s are required for testing- they can focus on more productive activities

Testing as a Service (TaaS) For Oracle Cloud Applications

Xenon – Hosted Test Management Platform for Test Planning, Automation, Execution and Reporting

  • Hosted Cloud Test Management Platform - No tool cost and no infra requirements or investment

Xenon is a scalable and highly flexible test lifecycle management platform

  • Xenon is built for business process testing for enterprise applications
  • Xenon can be used for both manual and automation testing needs for any web or non-web application (Oracle Fusion, Salesforce, ServiceNow etc.)

The Jade QA Automation approach is based on leveraging Test Accelerators for Oracle Cloud Applications

  • Pre-built manual and automation test scripts for end-to-end scenarios and standard Oracle Fusion Financials, SCM and HCM scenarios and processes
  • The automation accelerators can be leveraged in all Oracle Cloud Implementations and Upgrades to reduce the manual efforts on testing, improve systems reliability and sustenance

Jade TaaS Deliverables

  • Cloud/Fusion Applications Release Impact Analysis
  • Test Cases Impact Analysis
  • Automation Test Scripts Updates for Releases
  • Automation executions and IT Certification for Releases
  • Execution Results
  • QA Metrics

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