To be successful in today’s dynamic environment, businesses need to possess tremendous agility to address the changing needs of their customers. This is important to bring about changes and to ensure that they reach customers faster than their competition. To handle enterprises projects efficiently they need to adopt the ‘Agile’ software development process. Enterprises are undergoing Digital transformation to scale their business. Being Digital requires Agile & CI/CT to rapidly adopt new technologies, transform the legacy, innovate faster, and respond swiftly to the ever-changing customer needs.

We help organizations to accelerate their Agile and DevOps transformation journey. Our Testing as a Service is available to enable and co- create across the ecosystems. Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), and Continuous Testing (CT) are the three cornerstones of agile testing.

DevOps Testing

While the Development Team is busy with new projects, the Operation team is busy keeping the production running. DevOps brings the correct set of Process-oriented Test Cases to execute continuously on Daily bases or as per schedule to help monitor the Changes. This helps reduce maintenance cost and provides the best experience to our Customer. Customers create an infinite loop of Development and Operations with a disciplined Integration and automation process.

Jade Differentiators

Jade Global Differentiators

Our Offerings:

Our Testing as a Service Model offers flexible pricing options that are perfectly suited for business needs & budget plans.

  • DevOps Experts: QA implementation for DevOps, Orchestration Solution with Automated test: Our Testing Centre of Excellence has a dedicated team with highly capable resources who are continually doing R&D to find the best of the solutions available in the market. We have some of the most qualified and experienced DevOps testing specialists who can take care of all your needs with ease. We are trained to work on the latest DevOps testing tools and deliver top-notch services.
  • DevOps Assessment for maturity and readiness: The organization ensures that we deliver top-quality services every single time. Our services go through a thorough quality check process before they are delivered to the client.
  • Quick Turnaround with Standardized processes, tools, framework in DevOps Systems: Our Onsite offshore model helps customers to have DevOps testing experts operate through several delivery centers that are spread in different time zones of the globe. This enables us to deliver quality services to Customers within a quick turnaround.
  • Infrastructure and Cloud VMs:Provide Automation solutions to ensure continuous testing and faster delivery. We know the importance of having good infrastructure while delivering high-quality DevOps testing services. We have access to the world-class workspaces and the latest and the best DevOps testing tools and technologies.
  • Affordable Pricing, Highly Scalable Services:We can provide our clients with highly scalable DevOps testing services. We have the required resources and bandwidth to scale up the service requirements and increase the number of resources on the project as and when the client needs it.

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