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Testing as a Service is a comprehensive and proven outsourced Service based on our extensive Application Implementation, Development, Testing and Release Management Experience, Cloud Test Management Platform, Test Automation Accelerators, and Automation Script Maintenance Methodologies.

Our TaaS can be leveraged by IT Departments to Manage, Validate, and Certify Functional, Performance, Security, and Mobile Testing without having to invest in Testing Infrastructure, Automaton Tools, and Experienced Testers.

We offer a complete range of Test Automation Services to shorten project timelines and accelerate the deployment of new functionality to meet business needs faster. We offer a Test Automation Service that is based on competencies across a wide range of industry-leading Test Automation Tools and Extensive Enterprise Application Testing Experience.

A Jade Global Test Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) drives IP Development, Tool Specialization, and Domain Expertise that enables us to offer a comprehensive range of Test Automation Services designed to meet the challenges of multiple application upgrades in a year and shortening release windows.

Test Automation Accelerators – Frameworks, Pre-built Automation Suites for multiple Enterprise Package SAS Applications, and Best-Practice Automation Scripts Maintenance Methodologies have helped organizations kick-start Automation Projects and keep-up with application release schedules and leverage new functionality.

Improve focus, collaboration, and productivity with hassle-free QA including Core Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, and more.

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Automation Testing Services

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