Are longer planning cycles and decision latency taking a toll on your supply chains’ agility? Reduce your planning complexities with Oracle Cloud and Jade.

A supply chain planner needs to take up heavy work because supply chain planning has become quite complex. Demands from customers are ever-changing, and resources are always limited. The planner needs to take care of the boundaries and constraints across the supply chain. Multiple simulations must be run, and analysis must often be run before arriving at the optimized plan. In such an ever-challenging business environment, you need an end-to-end resilient supply chain that can outpace change, manage complexities, and drive faster Planning.

Jade gets you the right solution with Oracle Planning Central, driving proactive planning in complex supply chains. Through simplified Implementation and Optimization Services, Jade empowers supply chain planners to drive resilience and growth.

Jade Offerings in Oracle Supply Chain Planning

With Jade at work, your Supply Chain planning never gets strenuous. Whether you want to improve visibility, accuracy, and mobility or enhance your collaboration across the extended supply chain, Jade will help you with its offerings.

Implementation of Oracle Planning Central Cloud

As an Oracle Cloud Select Partner, we have successfully implemented and assessed Oracle Planning Central Cloud. Jade has a robust implementation methodology - the Jade Cloud Implementation Methodology (JCIM), appropriate tools and templates to ensure consistent and excellent delivery.


Implementation of Advanced Supply Chain Planning

We provide implementation support for Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning. Jade’s robust implementation methodology, 20 years of experience, and pre-built accelerators facilitate faster implementation.


Comprehensive Assessment

Jade provides assessment services for existing Oracle Planning Central implementations to help you identify areas of improvement in the implemented planning solution.


Supply Chain Analytics

Jade supply chain analytics provides an elaborate suite of visualization dashboards, industry standard KPIs, and reports, delivering real-time analytics, and corrective actions.

The Jade Advantage



Jade is one of the first few Oracle CEI (Cloud Excellence Implementer) Certified companies with expertise in implementing and managing Oracle Supply Chain applications.



Proven years of experience in executing implementations across Supply Planning, Demand Planning, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Backlog management, Supply Collaborations, Replenishments, and Production Planning, etc.



Backed by strong integration teams to provide you with end-to-end solutions through seamless integration of Oracle SCM applications with existing ERP, inventory, receivables systems, and suppliers.

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