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Oracle Integrations Services

Be it any integration, when it involves ERP system - reach out to Jade to reduce your total TCO and build most scalable integrations with your ERP.

Jade Global has over 15 years of Oracle EBS implementations. We will help you understand the right mix of cloud and on-premise solutions and provide a roadmap to the optimal solution and implementation plan for you.

With over 15 years of experience implementing Oracle EBS, Jade has a strong track record of implementations.

Jade Global has successfully completed several integration projects across systems: ERP, HCM, SCM, PPM and CRM applications.

We specialize in integrations that include:

  • B2B Integrations: Integrations with trading partners, contract manufacturers, 3rd party logistics providers, shippers etc., using standards-based integrations such as Electronic Data Integration (EDI), RosettaNet, XML, File-based Load. These integrations are both real-time and batch mode depending on the integration requirements and leading practices. We have prebuilt mappings for the integrations.
  • Value Added Network Migration (VAN):We help in migrating the customers who had outsourced their EDIs to VANs for EDI integrations, scrubbing the data and capturing the key information. As the companies grow, they look to bring in these operations inhouse and reduce the dependencies.
  • App to App Integration: With the built-in adaptors provided by all the leading business applications and Jade Global’s own reusable adaptors we help the client build the application integrations using the leading integration design patterns in both canonical and point to point integration.

Service Offerings

Oracle Integrations Services


Jade Global certified and experienced Oracle integration consultants and ERP applications we provide you with complete end to end solution.

Oracle Integrations Services

Pre-buld Solutions

We have several prebuilt solutions including bank integrations, Salesforce to Oracle ERP integration, EDI and RosettaNet integrations and Concur integration to accelerate the deployment of the solution for the customer.

Oracle Integrations Services

Integration Development

Be it a complex initiative with 100+ Integrations in a big bang or small integration to deploy point to point integration, we have a strong global delivery model to find the right team and delivery framework to mitigate risks and help you complete your project on time.

Oracle Integrations Services

roadmap services
Roadmap Services

Whether cloud, hybrid, on premise, developing a right integration strategy encompassing the leading integration design pattern and best practices to provide seamless experience for business users is the key. Any device and any channel are critical to provide the solutions for your business.

We deploy SOA or microservices, sometimes hybrid approach for providing scalable and modern integration solutions. Our experts will help you architect the right solution, recommend the sizing based on-prem or cloud solution including your complexity, connections and hardware considerations. Coupled with our Business Applications Knowledge, DevOps and Test Automation, we offer our complete integration services, considering, the latest integration tools and designs to provide high performance end-to-end solution while keeping the cost

Cloud 360
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Oracle Platinum Partner, Certified Oracle Cloud Select Partner and Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) certified.

  • Over 300 Oracle consultants throughout North America
  • 100 Oracle Implementations and 40 Oracle Integration Projects across B2B, 3rd Party Integrations and Business Applications Integrations
  • Expertise in Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Professional Services industries
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Why should you choose Jade Global?

  • Make your business as integrated enterprise with your trading partners and applications
  • Integrate disparate systems and reduce time and errors fixing problems
  • Go towards running by exceptions


Jade Global’s latest solutions, success stories, and visions for the future. Explore our insights to discover trends, capabilities, and industry approaches that will transform your business and deliver a fresh perspective.


We are very pleased to partner with Jade Global and implemented our B2B/OSFM solutions on Oracle. With Jade Global’s experiences in the Fabless Semiconductor Industry, it provided us a unique solution that integrated our systems, streamlined our business processes and improved our visibilities into the inventories. The project was completed on-time and within budget. I commend Jade Global on their knowledge, professionalism, dedication and hard work.

VP IT Silicon Storage Technology