Gartner defines cloud strategy as a crisp perspective on how the cloud works in a business; it is “a living document, designed to bridge between a high-level corporate strategy and a cloud implementation/adoption/migration plan.” The below statistics from Gartner show the adoption rates that C-Suite leaders from various industries believe that cloud adoption will evolve over the next 3-5 years.

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Even with improved maturity form major cloud providers, business leaders still need a partner that can provide the industry-based expertise in navigating the application transformation journey using cloud.

Jade’s Cloud Application Enablement and Migration Services initiate interactions between your IT and business teams to arrive at an optimum cloud strategy. Our application assessment services give you an overview of all your requirements and assist you in navigating application complexities. This ensures competitive advantage through a framework that enhances your application security posture, creates an optimal services framework while streamlining your spending.

How Jade can help and what are the USPs of our offerings as a whole

Migrating existing applications to the cloud can have unpredictable outcomes. It’s not uncommon for teams to begin implementation, only to discover unknown application dependencies that require numerous trips back to the drawing board, resulting in costly delays, unmanaged security risk, and disruption to the business.

Your journey to the cloud doesn’t have to have surprises and setbacks at every turn. Our end-to-end cloud application lifecycle framework allows customers to learn about the most common cloud migration challenges encountered by modern enterprises, and to provide a six-step approach you can follow for cloud migration success.

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We define customized adoption strategies of solutions provided by the cloud environments that suite the organization and help to define the most optimized models.

Our Capabilities

Native Cloud Services Enablement Service – AWS
  • AWS Cloud Services
  • AWS Container Services
  • AWS DevOps
Native Cloud Services Enablement Service - Azure
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure Container Services
  • Azure DevOps
On-Prem and Cloud Application Migration Service
  • Migration Services
  • Modernization Services
DevOps / DevSecOps
  • CI/CD Enablement
  • Microservices Enablement
  • Threat modeling
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Incident management

How are our solutions/services better than what exist in the market for a given problem(s)

The approach that is followed by Jade is unique that we partner with the clients to understand their existing application landscape and then think of the optimized cloud application strategy that suites their existing capabilities and strengths and then derive at the right solution instead of giving a generic solution and architectures. This will help the clients to capitalize on the existing investments already made and induce the latest cloud technologies and advancements in cloud adoption.

Solutions services
Solutions services

Business Benefits

  • Improve application performance by up to 20%
  • Build a business-centric technology while reducing TCO on average of 20%
  • Speed up business outcomes and productivity around 13% through quick application of cloud tenets
  • Shed technical debt and shift to OPEX model
  • Accelerate with IaaS, PaaS and SaaS capabilities

How Can We Help You?

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