About the Client

Our client is a US-based technology leader in delivering high-performance, market-driven photonic innovations to meet their customers' lighting, optronic detection, and optical technology requirements worldwide.

Serving a vast array of applications across automotive, consumer products, defense, aerospace, industrial, medical, safety and security, and other science sectors, our client wants to bring a transformative change for businesses across sectors.


One of the challenges is enabling customer synchronization, as this plays an important role. Customer records on the asset and customer records on the configuration item should be matching, as these two are linked.

Apart from this, setting up a hybrid architecture for both cloud and on-premises applications and complex data transformation also existed. And the system did not have any previous integration platform in place.

  • Varied end-system integration is required to enable customer synchronization
  • SAP BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) is a standard interface. Complexity related to SAP BAPI interfaces
  • Complex customization required for BAPI
  • Distribution of resources to handle customer data and their sales order
  • No reference / previous Integration platform in place
  • Complex Account Management Process
  • Hybrid Architecture is an ideal setup for both cloud as well as on-premises applications
  • Complex data transformation, which required data conversion and complex calculations
  • All customer transaction details were found in different format files, thus making it difficult to synchronize

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