Why Migrate from Atlassian Jira Server to Data Center

Did you know that Atlassian Server is being shut down? Discover the benefits of migrating to a Data Center and learn how to benefit from transitioning in the article below. Atlassian has…

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By Anish Dhawade

Improve your IT operation throughput with Active Directory Automation

Building the foundation for modern IT operations automation What is operation ops automation in IT? What are Automated Processes and Manual processes? …

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By Chaitanya Eitto

Automate Salesforce (Sales Cloud) use cases using the right RPA technology with Jade Global

Scale automation faster with out-of-the-box and workflows Introduction One of the most powerful sales and marketing platforms, Salesforce is used in most…

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By Deepansh Singh

Get your RPA project executed 30% faster through Jade Intelligent Automation Framework

Process Automation Framework and Intelligent Automation Trends Let’s talk Automation: Future of Intelligent Automation Let us talk about something that we all…

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By Mounika Polsani

RPA: The Future and the Present

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots to handle high-volume repeatable…

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By Sharmistha Patra

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Enterprise-Wide Artificial Intelligence!

In the last blog, I reflected on how we promote and nurture an open innovation culture at Jade, including the organizational and business benefits that have resulted from this initiative. Now, I’d…

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By Karan Yaramada

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