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Improve your IT operation throughput with Active Directory Automation

Chaitanya Eitto
March 25, 2022

Active Directory stores information about objects on the network and makes the information easy for administrators and users to find and use. Active Directory uses a structured data store as the basis for a logical, hierarchical organization of directory information.

In enterprises, the CIO organization deals with a high volume of incident/service request tickets falling on Active Directory for Password reset, account lock, provisioning of a new employee or termination of exit case, access controls, organizing users/groups/roles, etc. These scenarios are highly repetitive and the right candidate for automation with RPA technology.

Though IT Ops process automation using RPA over active Directory is one of the most sought after things by any enterprise due to its effective and quick ROI, developers face many challenges/issues achieving this automation, for example,

  1. Active Directory Replication Issues
  2. Log on Failures
  3. Active Directory Database Issues
  4. Flexible Single Master Operation Roles
  5. User Account Lookouts
  6. Group Policy Issues

To overcome the challenges mentioned above, it is essential to,

  1. Choose the right technology – How many operations selected technology is supporting, cost, etc.
  2. Define right integration approach – Over SSL or not
  3. Efficient product support – Vendor, Community reach, etc.
  4. Identify and prioritize use cases – To arrive on realistic ROI and implementation roadmap

With its vast experience enabling IT Ops automation, Jade Global brings its expertise along with an exhaustive checklist and other accelerators to proactively identify possible roadblocks/challenges and define a plan to overcome them. It enables reducing time to market by 25%-30% times faster.

About the Author

Chaitanya Eitto, Lead Specialist

Chaitanya is working as a Lead Specialist-IA at Jade Global and has around eight years of IT experience, 6 Years into RPA. Worked in multiple tools like UiPath, Blue-Prism, and AA. Also, done the work of an RPA Consultant, developed end-to-end business processes, and worked with Banking, Automobile, and Manufacturing domains.