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One of the most powerful sales and marketing platforms, Salesforce is used in most enterprises across industry verticals. With the advent of multiple sales channels like digital channels, social media channels, and tremendous growth in transactions like leads, customer engagement, etc. It is challenging to feed all relevant info to Salesforce simultaneously. As a result, enterprises cannot respond to the market, losing opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

Various automation opportunities in Salesforce using RPA are

Creation of lead

Marketing teams in enterprises daily receive hundreds of leads from various digital channels like Facebook Ads, Shopify customer info, LinkedIn Gen forms, emails, etc. These must be fed into Sales Cloud manually to address these leads, which means a team should manually download information about each lead, restructure or reformat it, and type it into Sales Cloud.

With the right RPA technology robotic process automation) and digital process automation Jade can define a solution for you to integrate with these digital channels to capture, recognize and fetch the relevant info. Info brought is automatically modified to meet the format accepted by Salesforce and fed into the sales cloud with clicks in salesforce flow.

New opportunities notifications

The sales team has to spend a reasonable amount of time and effort to track hundreds of leads received on Sales Cloud in real-time, which results in delayed response to important/critical leads, the sales team needs bots that can intelligently process documents enter data or take action on that data.

We can define RPA bots and salesforce robotic process automation that can automatically push essential/critical/warm leads to the sales team over various channels like Slack, email, Teams, etc., allowing sales reps to act on the opportunity by reaching out to the prospect with the right offer. Depending on your requirement, BOT can incorporate the lead's relevant info to email, Slack, etc., for sales reps' handy reference.

New additions to Einstein Automate are as follows:

Automated processes are an advanced method of optimizing efficiency. It replaces repetitive tasks using robots able to automatically process documents without code.

MuleSoft RPA allows the bot to be used with almost any system or application including a PDF file, spreadsheet or even a disconnected system.

The software is used by the Salesforce Flow team to reduce human error and enhance productivity and Automate processes.

Order, Customer Master and contact sync between Salesforce and ERP/accounting system

The finance team and other back-end teams expect the most recent data about customers and contact in ERP/accounting system as soon as updated in Salesforce, or a new opportunity is closed with the customer.

With every unique opportunity created or any update in Customer or Contact info in Sales Cloud, manual effort is required to bring ERP/Accounting system in sync to create a sales order and customer & contact info.

Jade defines a solution to overcome this challenge, where RPA BOTs are triggered as soon as a new lead or change in customer or contact information is added in Salesforce.

Bot extracts relevant info from Salesforce and transforms the information in the ERP/Accounting system's format for sending data to these systems.

If an opportunity is closed with the customer, BOT triggers a process to extract opportunity information and transform it to feed into ERP/Accounting system to create a sales order. Once the sales order is completed successfully, BOT updates Salesforce with the Sales order number.

Create fulfillment task after Sales Order Creation

Once Sales Order is created in the ERP/Accounting system, and Salesforce is updated back, BOT can further design tasks into third-party systems like Jira, Trello, etc., to initiate the fulfillment process.

The BOT can trigger updates on third-party system tasks to fetch the info and feedback into Salesforce to keep your customer informed about fulfillment progress.

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