As you race to adapt and excel in today's innovation-driven business landscape, the efficiency of your workforce becomes paramount for staying ahead. Equipping your employees with the right tools to remain plugged in and efficient while on the move isn't merely a luxury—it's absolutely essential.

Your deskless workers require purpose-built solutions to perform their jobs safely, efficiently, and satisfactorily. Despite 75% of deskless workers spending most of their time at work using some form of technology, over 60% report dissatisfaction or express a need for improvement in the tech they use.

If you're seeking to empower your on-the-go employees to carry out essential tasks wherever they're working from, then the Workday mobile app is the technology you need. Jade Global as a certified Workday AMS Partner, provides consultancy, integration, release management and managed services to maximize your Workday ROI at scale. 

Workday's Mobile App: Making HR Services Mobile for Today's Mobile Workforce 

Workday has cemented its position as a leading provider of Enterprise Cloud Applications, catering to the needs of Fortune 50 enterprises. With the Workday Mobile App, your employees can seamlessly access critical HR and Finance functionalities from their mobile devices, ensuring productivity and connectivity regardless of their location.

Designed with your workforce in mind, the Workday Mobile App features a user-friendly interface for efficiency and ease of use. Your employees can swiftly navigate through administrative tasks such as Time tracking, Expense Management, and Benefits enrollment with minimal disruption to their workflow. Whether they're submitting time-off requests or reviewing pay slips, the app empowers your workforce to stay on top of their responsibilities with just a few taps on their screen.

Beyond its administrative capabilities, the app provides valuable insights through reports and dashboards. Your employees can gain quick access to key performance indicators, enabling them to make informed decisions even when away from their desks. Moreover, the app prioritizes data security with features like fingerprint scanning and cloud storage, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected in the event of device loss or theft.

10 Benefits to Enjoy While Using Workday Mobile App

  1. Accessibility and Convenience: Access Workday applications anywhere, anytime, for seamless administrative tasks.
  2. Task Management: Stay organized with timely notifications and action-oriented tasks.
  3. Enhanced Collaboration: Foster teamwork through secure profile browsing and feedback channels.
  4. Personalized Experience: Tailored profiles and actions for role-specific tasks and interactions.
  5. Insightful Reporting: Quick access to crucial information via interactive reports and dashboards.
  6. Security: Protect data with fingerprint scanning and cloud storage for peace of mind.
  7. Time Management: Real-time tracking and schedule management for improved productivity.
  8. Expense Management: Streamlined expense reporting for hassle-free reimbursements.
  9. Learning and Development: Access learning resources for continuous personal and professional growth.
  10. Unified Application Experience: Simplified deployment and management across all Workday components.

Why Your Organization Need Workday Mobile App

Elevate your organization's efficiency and employee experience with the Workday mobile app's core features. From streamlined time tracking to seamless benefits enrollment, Workday empowers your workforce with essential tools to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

Core Features of Workday Mobile App:

1. Time Tracking

Empower your deskless employees with intuitive time tracking features, including real-time check-ins, voice-activated time-off requests, and geofencing capabilities. Ensure accurate attendance monitoring and efficient task management on the go.

2. Expense Reporting

Simplify expense management with mobile receipt capture and global receipt scanning. Enable employees to effortlessly log and submit expenses, while administrators benefit from streamlined approval processes, reducing delays and administrative overhead.

3. Learning and Development

Drive continuous learning and skill development with integrated Workday Learning. Provide employees with access to personalized learning paths and training materials directly on their mobile devices, fostering growth and professional development.

4. Benefits Enrollment

Enhance employee engagement and satisfaction by offering personalized benefits management through the Workday mobile app. Enable employees to review benefits options, compare costs, and make changes to their plans conveniently from their mobile devices, empowering them to make informed decisions about their benefits.

5. Employee Management

Simplify employee management tasks for managers with the Workday mobile app. Enable easy approval of requests, access to dashboards and reports, and visibility into individual and team profiles, empowering managers to make informed decisions and streamline administrative tasks from anywhere.

Endnote: Deploy Latest Workday Capabilities with Jade Global

With a robust track record boasting over 40 HCM Cloud clients, 50 dedicated Workday associates, and a proven portfolio of 150+ successful HCM projects, Jade Global stands as a reliable partner for your Workday projects.

We offer a suite of tailored services, including advisory, module implementation, HR shared services, release management, and managed solutions. Backed by 5+ prebuilt Workday solutions and accelerators, we streamline your deployment process while ensuring optimal system functionality.

Experience the seamless integration and unwavering support of Jade Global as we guide you through every phase of your Workday transformation.

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