Shopping behaviors have changed, and purchase paths have evolved. Today, people shop using various devices — both offline and online. They want to make the right purchasing decision every time they enter a store. Consumers shop from home, office, or even the corner store. They expect integrated support for all their daily purchases from the payment gateways and eCommerce stores. And a seamless experience that easily allows them to switch between online and offline shopping.

SuiteCommerce Instore (SCIS) is a revolutionary cloud-based self-service point-of-sale solution that bridges the gap between physical stores and eCommerce sites.

SuiteCommerce delivers complete self-service point-of-sale systems to fit today’s customers’ changing needs. It provides retailers with a solution that merges the physical and digital shopping experiences within a single, cloud-based commerce platform.

That means giving businesses more powerful tools to interact with customers and run more efficient campaigns at a core level.

Driving more sales and providing a satisfying shopping experience is critical for businesses. And ring in more sales. Wouldn't it be great if your sales associates could give customers a better, more personal shopping experience using mobile devices?

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SCIS provides a touch-screen interface specifically designed for tablets. In addition, it supports standard POS peripherals, including credit/debit card readers (PIN pads or other payment devices), printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers.


  • Suitable for both novice and experienced eCommerce operators.
  • Provides a secure, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that facilitates the seamless integration of all your eCommerce systems.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology, SuiteCommerce Instore empowers your store by enabling you to collect data from your in-store devices in real time and seamlessly send this information to your online back-end systems.
  • Connects with existing databases to offer recommendations based on previous purchases or location-based restrictions.
  • Streamline productivity between your eCommerce and point-of-sale natively tied to your operational business systems on a unified cloud.
NetSuite Lists SuiteCommerce Instore’s features that hold appeal to users comprehensively as:

Design For Mobility

It has robust mobile capabilities, letting employees gather customer information and perform transactions by sliding a finger across a tablet.

  • Full-featured POS: SuiteCommerce Instore allows you to process payments easily.
  • Easy-to-use and mobile: Touch tablets can offer a unique opportunity to optimize your touchless interaction and digital selling capabilities.

Omnichannel Servicing

Provide a stabilized, streamlined interface allowing for a seamless experience across devices.

  • Seamless unified experience: Manage your shopping lists across the web, on your phone, and in-store. Make an online wish list and shop for the items in a nearby store.
  • 360-degree customer view: You will have access to anonymized information about your store's customers, including the average time between visits and the average order amount. Improve the customer experience with store reporting, cross-channel analytics, and more.
  • Orders: Get total visibility of orders started or finished in any channel.

Digital Selling

Enable digital selling, more vital and actionable metrics, and visibility to maintain a competitive edge over our peers.

  • Dynamic merchandising: Present upsells, cross-sells, and Product recommendations. It can suggest relevant products based on past purchases that can improve your customer's shopping experience.
  • Inventory visibility: Get real-time inventory visibility per location to save every sale.
  • Reporting: Real-time views into store statistics and cash management.


Customers want services and products instantly. This puts immense pressure on eCommerce sites to provide this at all costs. A personal and seamless shopping experience that results in more shoppers’ engagement has become the norm today. Your sales associates need more than the regular to bring unparalleled experiences. With the help of tools and information in SuiteCommerce Instore, you can empower sales associates to assist and engage shoppers. Plus, more product choices and better convenience increase profitability.

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