Syfer is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for those who want to develop better and maintainable applications quickly on ServiceNow platform. This is a high-tech app now available in ServiceNow store and its completely free.

Syfer is one of the most versatile, powerful and smart editor that provides a programming environment on ServiceNow. It provides a centralized IDE-like interface where a developer can manage, edit and create multiple application files in a single view and the best thing is it works for global application scope as well.

Key Features of Syfer:

  1. Auto-complete (Intellisense)

    The smart auto-complete is custom-built for the ServiceNow environment. It gives intelligent suggestions for custom functions, custom classes (Script Includes) as well as platform functions.

  2. Jump-to-definition

    Don’t waste your precious time in

    1. Searching for that class in Script Includes list
    2. Opening the script and
    3. Looking for the function used in that script.

    It will directly take you to that function you were looking for. In the case of inbuilt ServiceNow or javascript functions, the IDE will take you to the documentation of that function.

  3. Global search

    Apart from the local Find and Replace features, Syfer provides a powerful global search. You can refine your search query based on the type of records, applications or file name. You can also reach to the occurrence of the search string from the search result.

  4. Code generator

    How many times a day do you write code for GlideRecord or GlideAjax? Syfer gives you quick code generator options to write such frequently required code snippets.

  5. On-the-fly error/best practice violation detection

    Syfer not only flags your syntax errors but also points out some bad code you might have written on the way. It also detects ServiceNow specific best practice violations that may impact the performance or maintainability.

  6. Utilities like quick-format, auto-comment, compare versions

    Syfer comes with a rich set of developer-friendly utilities like Format Code for quick indentation, Generate Comments to generate JSDoc comments, Compare Versions to quickly check the history and lot more.

  7. Real-time code quality indicator

    Syfer also gives you a maintainability index of your script by running it through an industry-standard algorithm.

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  8. Multiple views like Explorer, Update Set, Table etc

    You can manage your files better by using several views like Explorer, Update Set and Table. E.g. If you are customizing a particular table then you can select that table in the Table view and concentrate on related scripts only.

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How to install Syfer IDE?

  1. Download and install Syfer from ServiceNow store.

    Enter your HI credentials and the URL for your ServiceNow instance to install the app.

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  2. to install the global update-set (a set of custom Rest APIs).

  3. Save the Update Set on your machine through Right-click -> Save as OR CTRL+S

  4. Import and commit update-set in your instance.

  5. Type Syfer into left nav bar, click on IDE. It will launch the application into a new tab.

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